Discover the GPS tracker for dogs

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For everyone with a dog, its safety and well-being is of great concern. We want the dog to be in the best conditions, to be happy, and if there is something that terrifies us, it is that it can to lose. Unfortunately it is something that happens, and we know someone to whom it has happened, or we have experienced it in our flesh. Luckily there is now a GPS tracker for dogs which can surely be of great help to us.

This device is called Whistle 3 GPS. It is used to monitor the movements and location of your dog. The device is not too big, and it can be easily attached to the dog’s collar.

Do you want a GPS locator for your dog?

Whistle 3 GPS uses the technology of geolocation. In this way you can see on a map on your smartphone at all times where your dog is. A very comfortable and visual way. Best of all, the map can be that of your city, but in case the dog escapes or worse, the map can be the national map and see the movement of the dog at all times.

Downloading the apps corresponding, you can see that progress at all times. In addition, there is also a function that allows you to receive notifications at the moment in which the dog leaves some previously established limits. If the dog is not in the so-called safe zone, you receive a notification in the app or even a SMS. This allows you to control their situation and to be able to react much faster in case something happens.

Don’t lose your dog, it’s adorable

Another aspect that the app takes into account is that your dog be in shape. Every day you can measure their progress and status. after taking a walk Whistle 3 GPS provides you with information in the app about the physical condition of your dog. This way you can see if the dog has gained weight, or if he walks slower. Undoubtedly a great help to prevent any type of unforeseen event in his health.

do you know Whistle 3 GPS? What do you think? Do you use or plan to use any type of GPS device for your dogs or pets? Leave your comments, experiences and opinions in the comments section. We have not found this model for sale but we have found some other GPS tracker for dogs. Find out.

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