Cubot V1: Features and price

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Let the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 be prepared, because now it has a new rival, the Cubot-V1. We are facing a new smartband that wants to compete with smart bracelets with a screen and sensors, because the truth is that it integrates very interesting features. In addition, the design is very good and has a certain resemblance to Xiaomi’s bet, everything must be said.

as we read in GizChinathe Cubot guys have just released the Cubot V1 SmartBand. So first, with this smart bracelet we can see the time on the screendata from pedometer, calorie counteramong other sensors, that promise to make our lives easier from the moment we put it on our wrist.

Cubot V1 features price

Cubot V1: Features and Specifications

This Cubot V1 has the following features:

  • 0.88” screen. OLED. Resolution 128 x 32 pixels.
  • 80 mAh battery (30 days standby).
  • Bluetooth Dialon DA14580 chip.
  • MMA8652 accelerometer.
  • Hypoallergenic and permeable band.
  • Resistance to water and dust.
  • Charge via microUSB.
  • Compatible with Android 4.2 or higher. iOS 7.1 or higher.

We have good features for this Cubot V1, a very nice SmartBand in design and specifications. we have a good 0.88-inch OLED screen and good resolution. In addition, the battery is good, because with 80 mAh it lasts us a month at rest, which is not bad at all.

The truth is that this Cubot V1 surprises, not only in design but also in performance. Also, we like that it’s good for allergy sufferers, because they’ll be able to use this SmartBand without any hassle and without breaking the bank, because the price is optimal.

It’s great to see everything on the screen without limits: steps, time, calories consumed… and sensor data. So there is no waste. For little money (for sure) you will get a remarkable smart bracelet.

Don’t miss it on video

If you want to know more, the following video tells you.

  • It is pretty and sporty, ideal for resisting everything… water, dust, sweat… and it does not cause allergies. It’s great! The screen is perfect to see all the information at the moment of steps, time, calories, etc.
  • The negative point is that there is no heart rate sensor available. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does.

For now we do not know the price (rumors indicate 20-30 euros). But we will continue to be very aware.

What do you think of this Cubot V1?

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