Cubot F1: Cubot’s most classic smartwatch

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Cubot It is a brand that we have spoken to you about on several occasions. Mainly for the smartphones that are making. We have recently told you about the X18, its new smartphone with a large screen. But, the brand does not want to focus solely on producing smartphones. Little by little they have been introduced in the accessories market. And now, they announce the launch of their new smart watch. The Cubot F1.

It’s about the new Smart watch Chinese brand. They are committed to entering a booming sector. Since every time we find more and more interesting watch models. For this one Cubot F1 have opted for a classic black design. And a metal frame. Which gives it a premium design.

Cubot F1 Specifications

This model has a 1.2 inch FSIN screen. Screen that the company claims is visible even in sunlight. So the user can see the time or any data on the screen at all times. In addition, it has a six-axis sensor and smart chip. Thanks to this, the user will be able to store a multitude of sports data. because he has one very accurate heart rate measurementin addition to a data record and intelligent recognition of the sport that the user is practicing.

East Cubot F1 is therefore presented as the perfect smartwatch for sports. Especially since it is certified IP67. This certification tells us that the watch is waterproof. Therefore, it supports sweat, rain or dust. Ideal for sports. Among other additional functions, this Cubot watch has an alarm, notification and SMS reminder. It also has silent notifications, which can be through vibration.

Cubot has opted for a Classic smartwatch with this Cubot F1. The design is not the most innovative, but it works well and gives the watch a certain elegance. So the firm has done a great job with this device. for now we don’t know when it will be released. Nor does he price with which it will arrive in stores. So we will have to wait for the company to reveal more. What do you think of this watch?

Source | Gizmochina

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