Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band 1S

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Table of Contents

There are many users who wonder whether or not it is worth buying the new Xiaomi bracelet, the Mi Band 2. It is clear that the price difference exists, so in this comparative we are going to tell you the main ones differences between the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1S and why you should buy the new Mi Band 2.

Even yesterday we told you where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 at the best price. It is clear that Xiaomi has done a great job in design, price and functionalities, because we finally have a screen and a heart rate sensor. If you want to make the leap to the newest of these guys, we are going to tell you the real reasons to do so, so that you can take a quantifying bracelet that is “up to date”.

Mi Band 2 official

Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band 1S

We start with this comparison between Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band 1S.

OLED screen

If you want OLED screen, you will have to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2which also has a screen 0.42′‘. The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and Mi Band do not have a screen, but they do have an LED. It is clear that surviving without a screen is possible, we have done it these years ago with the Mi Band, but if you want more possibilities and an improved design, the jump to the screen is interesting. I recommend you jump to the Mi Band 2 just for the screen.

What does this screen offer us? See the time, calories, km traveled, pulse measurement, etc. You will have no limits now, even if they are calling you you will see the phone icon (we see it in the previous photo). It is a plus that it has a screen, because it is still low cost.

heart rate sensor

If you want measure your pulse you can do it with the Mi Band 2 or 1S. The only difference is that with the new Mi Band 2 bracelet you can see the result on the screen itself (instead of on the mobile). This can be very comfortable and practical, because you won’t have to take out your mobile at all.

More battery?

It is clear that the more options, the more battery is required. In the case of the Mi Band 2, we have 70mAh battery, jumping from 45 and 41 mAh respectively of the Mi Band 1S and Mi Band. Although we have more mAh, the battery will last less since the screen consumes more, in addition to the heart rate sensor (it is what there is). You can’t have everything, of course. However, the guys from Xiaomi talk about a battery about 20 days.

Improved design?

Xiaomi claims that the new bracelet is made with a design that lasts longer. Both are resistant to water and dust. IP67 certification.

Enhanced technology

The guys from Xiaomi recognize that the technology has also improved. It is more accurate in many respects, such as quantification of steps. Not to mention Apple Watch-style alerts, when you sit too long it will ask you to get up for a walk. We can also unlock the smartphone from the bracelet.

xiaomi mi band 1s

Are you willing to spend twice as much?

I bought the Mi Band 1S for 12 euros on offer (its normal price is between 15 and 20 euros, it depends very well on where you buy it). The new Mi Band 2 is currently available to buy for about 30 euros from the link that we leave you at the beginning of the article. The price difference is high, however, if we analyze the new features, I’ll stick with the new one.

Buys | Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Buys | Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Other data

  • Mi Band 2 compatible with Android 4.4 or higher. iOS 7.0 or higher.

Which one do I stay with?

If you want a screen and are willing to pay double, buy the new one, the My Band 2. In addition, it has just come out and you can buy it right now. You will have a better screen and design, as well as better technology. It won’t last you a month, but it will last 20 days, which isn’t bad at all. It all depends on the cane you give it. The truth is for 30 euros it seems like a great purchase. It was missing the screen, and now you have it.

Mi Band 2 Price

Is it the best bracelet with a screen at that price? Of course. It is a safe purchase. These bracelets always work very well. So I didn’t think about you. I have the previous two, and I’m going to buy this one too.

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