Buy the Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV from Spain

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Xiaomi has released a Android TV called Xiaomi Mi Box but how Xiaomi does not sell in Spain to buy it we will have to rack our brains and look for it. Don’t be confused, it’s not an Android TV player, it’s a player with Android TV, Google’s native, the one designed to run on TV and that works perfectly.

We have seen many Chinese stores that have it for sale but very few have it in stock. We have finally found one that does, here you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV. This new Android TV from Xiaomi is a real 4K Android TV, cheap and affordable for anyone who doesn’t have a TV with Android TV (which we are the majority of mortals).


The Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV is the best option

In addition to this Android TV, there are other options such as the Nvidia Shield and the Razer Forge TV that cost an arm and a leg, not to mention the large TVs from Sony and Sharp that already have it integrated but changing our TV from 50 inch 4K only for Android TV it may be going overboard and spending unnecessary money.

Android TV is the perfect way to enjoy Android on your TV and this player also comes with a command that allows us to give commands with our voice and other interesting things, the truth is that it’s a fantastic player and we don’t want to miss it in Spain.

It is the cheapest Android TV you can buy with 4K

It doesn’t look like it’s going to arrive officially, the problem is that instead of paying the 70 euros worth we have to spend about 96 euros to be able to have it, although that will be the case in all retailers. This is one of the best we have found because you already have them ready to ship in stock.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV and 4K at the best price in Europe And don’t be fooled, most vendors have others for sale that have 1GB of RAM and don’t come with 4K or Android TV. It’s a player pass.

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