Buy the international version of the Xiaomi Mi Box for only €47

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Were you thinking of spending thousands of euros to get a Smart TV? Well, we have good news for you. If you have a normal TV with HDMI input you can do magic with a Xiaomi TV Box. Without a doubt, the best way to take it to another level is with one of these devices.

The XiaomiTV Box comes with an amazing Bluetooth remote that can be used for endless functions. This smart device, compatible with Google Assistant, will allow you to watch your favorite TV shows, play video games and everything else that offers a true Android experience.

Xiaomi TV Box Features

tv box xiaomi

  • 2GB of RAM memory
  • 8GB storage
  • Run the latest version of Android TV Oreo 8.0one that fits perfectly on any TV regardless of its size.
  • Quad core Cortex-A53 CPU which offers high performance when running heavy games.
  • bluetooth remote control to which you will only have to tell it what you want so that it is in charge of executing it.
  • It is a device suitable for playing content HDR 4K.
  • HDMI2.0 the fastest way to send video and audio output to your TV
  • Compatible with encodings Dolby and DTS that create a smooth and enveloping sound. Ideal for watching movies on Netflix or concerts on YouTube.

Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Box S, the control of this TV Box does not have a button dedicated to Netflix. However, you can use your voice to give him orders through the controller.

Of course, this Xiaomi TV Box has a dedicated button for you to use voice functions. The big g company knows that allying itself with Xiaomi is a positive decision. Google and Xiaomi together make Android users happy.

Where to buy the Xiaomi TV Box at the best price?

We are in an age of technology in which there are many smart Android devices that make our lives easier in one way or another. The TV Boxes, for example, are the perfect complement to use on the television in the living room and explore the Internet universe together with the family.

If you want to get the Xiaomi TV Box for only €47 you just have to go to Gearbest and get one. The discount is obtained when you add the product to the cart.

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