Beware of the DJI Spark, they drop like flies and there is still no solution

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I’m a bit confused, it’s rare to see any DJI drone have a specific problem but the new DJI Spark seems to have one and very serious.

Some users of DJI Spark have notified DJI that their drone has fallen senseless, has been disconnected and has fallen to the ground without warning. This is very serious because if the drone is close to the ground it can be recovered, but if it is flying over a lake or a large forest, the most normal thing is that we lose it forever.

DJI Spark turns off and crashes for no reason

The most serious thing about the matter, despite everything, is not that the drone falls and breaks, the most serious thing is that it falls on your head, although being the smallest of the DJIs, it would be the one that would do the least damage to us.

This new DJI Spark caused a lot of expectation when it was released and in fact we presented it to you in depth because it seemed like a true work of art.

DJI is already working on a solution

It seems that only a small number of buyers are having this problem, but if you have bought a Spark, it is recommended that you wait for the DJI update that will be revealed through DJI Go 4. When the notification pops up, update and rest easy.

DJI Spark Flight

This case reminds us a lot of the GoPro drones, the GoPro Karma, which began to fall from the sky due to a weak connection between the battery and the plane. At GoPro this was normal as it was their first connection but DJI has sold millions of drones and their quality is excellent.

From DJI they have notified that they are working on the solution and that the next firmware update will fix it or, at least, they will try. From DJI they thank all the users who have been able to send error reports to the company to help solve the problem. In the video we can see how a Spark user sees his drone lose control senselessly, the reasons could be many. If you want the new Spark remember that we have found it with more than 200 euros discount.

Source | Quartz

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