All the applications your TV needs for just €18.99 with this gadget

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Traditional television is already becoming a thing of the past. Now when we sit in front of our TV we want enjoy streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Prime Video, among others. The problem is that there are still many televisions that do not include these applications. If you are here, it is probably because you have a great TV, but it is missing many apps that you need.

To help you, here is a tutorial on how to download apps that do not appear on your Samsung Smart TV. But if your TV is not Samsung or you just don’t want to complicate your life, we bring you an even better solution: the Fire TV Stick Lite. It is a gadget for less than €20 (on sale) that you connect to the HDMI port of your television and add all the applications that you are going to use. Join us to meet him…

Note: at the end of the article is the button to take your Fire TV Stick Lite with a €11 discount.

The Fire TV Stick Lite is the cheapest way to have all the apps on your TV

fire tv stick lite

A Fire TV Stick Lite is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Thanks to him, you can have all the applications you want, even if your TV does not have them as standard. It allows you to play videos, movies and series in a maximum resolution Full HD (1080p) at 60 FPS. In addition, it supports HDR10 + and Dolby Digital + sound so you can enjoy a first-class audiovisual experience.

This gadget also adds Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi to your TV so you can even surf the Internet. It even includes a remote with integrated microphone to use the Alexa voice assistant and control its functions. Great, no?. It also comes with 8 GB of internal storage so you can install all the apps you want from the Amazon Appstore.


Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Dimensions and weight 86 x 30 x 13mm. 32 grams.
Processor Quad core 1.7 GHz with Power VR IMG GE8300 GPU.
Image and sound Full HD at 60fps with HDR10+HLG and Dolby Digital+ sound.
Storage 8GB.
connections WiFi AC dual band and Bluetooth 5.0 LE.
OS Fire OS Alexa-enabled.

take the Fire TV Stick that suits you best at the lowest price

amazon fire tv stick

If you like the Fire TV Stick Lite, at the end we leave you a button to buy it on sale for €18.99 (a discount of €11 from the original price). However, it is our duty to inform you that there are other models of this gadget that are a little more expensive, but have some extras that may interest you.

Here is a brief description of the 4 Fire TV Stick models that exist, where we highlight their differences:

  • Fire TV Stick Lite ($18.99): Play content up to Full HD with Dolby Digital+ sound. His remote only serves to control him (and not the TV).
  • Fire TV Stick ($22.99): Play content up to Full HD with Dolby Atmos sound. Its remote can also control the functions of your television (volume, turn off, turn on, etc.).
  • Fire TV Stick 4K ($33.99): Play content up to 4K with Dolby Atmos sound and support for Dolby Vision. His command controls everything. It has 500MB more RAM than previous models without 4K.
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max ($38.99): Play content up to 4K with Dolby Atmos sound and support for Dolby Vision. His command controls everything. It has 1 GB more RAM than the non-4K models and is slightly more powerful than all previous models (0.1 GHz and 100 MHz faster). It is the only one with WiFi 6.

If you have a 4K TV, the last two are the best for you. Whichever you prefer, use the button below to get it at the best price (all models are on sale right now):

And save this article of 10 tricks to squeeze your Amazon Fire TV because you will need it when you already have the Fire TV Stick that you chose.

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