Download APK of Ungoogled Chromium: Chrome without Google

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There are many web browsers to choose from, even if there are two or three most popular options. Each one with its own and additional features, but in the end they offer the same utility. If one of your favorites is Chrome, but you don’t like that it’s owned by Google, you should choose Ungoogled Chromium.

This program combines both factors to create a well developed browser, with many functions and very light. Google Chrome is, without a doubt, one of the best options for browsing the internet, but this recent option offers more simplicity and goes straight to the point.

A Google Chrome without the dependency on Google

As its name suggests, it is a Chromium-based browser, so the browser is fully open source. It is the basis of most browsers, which you then customize to your liking. Therefore, its core is the same as Kiwi Browser, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, among others.

It is a browser that pretends to be lighter and with fewer added features than Chrome. However, it saves some extra functions that can be activated later, since they are not available by default.

Ungoogled Chromium for Android

In addition, another of the pillars is that does not depend on Google servers nor does it require Google Services to function. This is important if you don’t like the idea that the company has personal information and can manage it at will, so in Ungoogled Chromium you won’t have that problem.

Still, everything else stays in the browser. Despite Google’s isolation, retains all Chrome interface and menusboth in its version for computer and mobile devices.

Among some of its functions, you have related to privacy, in addition to force computer or tablet mode on all web pages and open popups as new tabs. What you won’t see is Google’s domain detector and the rest of the company’s web services, as well as the blocking of all requests to Google.

How to download and install Ungoogled Chromium APK

This interesting browser works in a similar way to the rest of the competition, since your download is free. It has a version for computers and another adapted for mobile devices. And of course, the Android version is not lacking.

It works for any manufacturer, even for Huawei mobiles, since it is not necessary to have Google Chrome installed, nor are Google Services necessary. The only requirement is that your terminal must have Android 5.0 Lollipop minimum.

There is no official site to download it, so the only reliable place to download it is from the F-Droid app.

How to install Ungoogled Chromium from F-Droid?

Install APK Ungoogled Chromium

  • Enter F-Droid (you must have the app installed). It is one of the best alternatives to Play Store.
  • then go to Settings.
  • Click on Repositories.
  • Click on the «+«.
  • Add the address of the corresponding repository, either for ARM 64 bits, ARM 32 bits or x86. Most current mobiles are ARM 64 bits and therefore you will have to add, in the line above, the url:

You could add the address correctly:

  • Top –
  • Bottom – 2144449AB1DD270EC31B6087409B5D0EA39A75A9F290DA62AC1B238A0EAAF851

But the truth is that it will work equally so you should not worry.

  • Once this is done, use the search engine to find the Ungoogled Chromium app and it will appear (if you don’t add the repository you won’t find it).
  • Click on the app, download and install it.
  • Now you can enjoy this alternative browser on your mobile.

In this other repository you will find the latest version of Ungoogled Chromium for PC.

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