Download Amazon Music APK for Android TV / Google TV here

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A few days ago, the firm founded by Jeff Bezos announced the arrival of the Amazon music application on devices with Android TV. Few days later, the company has just released an update so you can install Amazon Music on your smart TV with the Google operating system.

The online sales giant did not hesitate to stand up to Spotify in the market for streaming music services. From this project was born AmazonMusic, a service that you can try for free, and that you can finally install on your Smart TV or any other device with Android TV.

How to download Amazon Music on your Android TV

Amazon Music on TV

It should be noted that the official Amazon Music app should appear in the Google app store, whether you have one Smart TV with Android TV operating system or if you use the new Chromecast with Google TV.

However, it is being a phased update, so it may not be available yet. Don’t worry, so that you don’t have to wait any longer we are going to leave you the corresponding link so that you can download and install Amazon Music on your Smart TV with the Google operating system.

steps download amazon music android tv

The first thing you should do is access the following link for Download Amazon Music APK. You will see an interface like the one at the top of these lines, and all you have to do is select TV within Device.

Although the source of the file, APKSupportis one of the great references in the sector, we have verified that the APK is free of viruses, so you should not worry about anything.

The only thing you will need is install the Amazon Music APK on your smart TV. Don’t know the steps to follow? Don’t miss our tutorial where we explain step by step how to install an APK on devices with Android TV.

Now you can access the complete library of songs available on Amazon Music to enjoy your favorite songs using your Smart TV with Android TV. What are you waiting for to download and install the APK!

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