This Xposed module changes Google Discover for whatever you want

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Google Pixels and many other current phones offer integration with Google Discover. In case you didn’t know, we’re talking about that part of your Android’s launcher where news, video recommendations, and more appear. And now, a born Xposed module capable of changing Google Discover to whatever you want.

This feature has also been adopted by brands like Asus, Xiaomi, and OnePlus with their customization layers. However, some people criticize Google Discover for being able to display clickbait-heavy content and ads in feeds. Thanks to this, the XDA developer community decided to do something about it.

Customize Google Discover with this Xposed module


Quinny899, XDA Renowned Developer, made a mod that replaces your home screen Google Discover page with whatever you want. Its nickname is DiscoverKiller and it is available for this framework. When enabled, you can replace the Discover page with the “Discover” screen.updates” from the Google Assistant or with almost any third-party app, depending on how you customize it.

The Discover section (discover in Spanish) works with the Google application, so the module connects directly to it even if you have a launcher on your mobile. DiscoverKill’s design makes it a module compatible with any launcher that can display the Google Discover feed. The module also offers a right swipe option so you can close it in case you choose to show the “updates” instead of Discover.

killer discover

Of course, one of the mandatory requirements to use this module is to install EdXposed with Riru Core after rooting your mobile with Magisk. Remember that everything you do is at your own risk, so pay close attention in all the steps you carry out.

If you want to test this module on your smartphone, you can download the precompiled APK from the thread on XDA. On the other hand, the source code is available on the developer’s GitHub profile. Go ahead and customize your mobile with this Xposed module!

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