Realme UI is Realme’s new customization layer, find out about its changes and which phones it will arrive

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Really, as many will know, is a subsidiary brand of OPPO. However, not long ago we were able to learn that it seeks to become independent from OPPO. That is why this news should not surprise us.

In principle, all phones manufactured by OPPO, including its sub-brands such as Realme, carry the ColorOS customization layer. But this has changed with the arrival of Realme UIan exclusive layer of Realme and that has been released together with the new Realme X50.

What’s new Realme UI?

new customization layer realme ui features

The arrival of Realme UI has taken many by surprise. Before this news, everyone expected that Realme mobiles would gradually begin to update to ColorOS 7. But now, they will have to get used to a layer of customization that includes certain new features.

Design Changes

Although many things remain between Realme UI and ColorOS, such as the rounded shapes of the icons, change aspects as important as the color scheme. It opts for more colorful designs, instead of the subdued color backgrounds of ColorOS, designed to avoid eyestrain after a while.

Another important detail is that Realme UI offers a “cleaner” aesthetic. Or what is the same, reduce everything you consider unimportantshowing in many cases blank spaces.

Performance improvements

Realme UI does not have a name for its power saving mode. Still, the results speak for themselves. In numbers, he is able to reduce memory usage up to 20%speed up the launch of applications by 14% and most importantly for many, expand the autonomy of the mobile up to 40%. Nothing bad.

Other interesting details of Realme UI

There are novelties that are well worth mentioning, such as the Do Not Disturb mode and “Concentration Mode”where you can program the mobile to reduce the use of notifications when you have to concentrate on certain activities.

You can also play music on two pairs of headphones simultaneously. However, one of these pairs must be wireless. A somewhat unusual option, but one that more than one will surely know how to take advantage of.

What’s more, this customization layer will arrive with Android 10, so you can change the shape of the icons to your liking. This and many other interesting options are in this new customization layer.

Which mobiles will update to Realme UI and when will they do it?

oppo color os 7 realme ui launch novelty operating system

If you already have a Realme mobile you should not worry, you will receive the update to Realme UI. On the other hand, if you are used to using ColorOS and expected to receive the seventh version of this customization layer, you should not feel disappointed. As we have mentioned before, Realme UI maintains a large part of the essence of ColorOS.

These are the phones that will receive Realme UI

In this same order, little by little all Realme will begin to receive the new customization layer. However, this information is focused for India. For this reason, it may not be entirely accurate for the rest of the Realme mobiles in the world, although it could give us a clearer idea.

  • Realme 3 Pro: January.
  • Realme XT: January.
  • Realme X: February.
  • Realme 5 Pro: February.
  • Realme X2: March.
  • Realme X2 Pro: March.
  • Realme 3: April.
  • Realme 3i: April.
  • Realme 5: may.
  • realme 5s: may.
  • Realme 2 Pro: June.
  • Realme C2: undefined.

What do you think of this change in Realme’s plans? Do you hope to be able to test Realme UI as soon as possible or would you like to receive ColorOS 7?

At Androidphoria we believe that this will depend on the tastes of each user, although we hope that this new layer of personalization allows Realme to improve the development of its software. The latter is one of the most criticized aspects so far, due to how green ColorOS is, compared to layers like MIUI 11 and One UI from Xiaomi and Samsung respectively.

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