Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Moto G

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There is a mid-range mobile that reached revolutionize In its day the price of mobiles and the way in which companies presented them to us, in case you do not remember, it is a mobile that we have taken special care of in AndroidPhoria, the Moto G of 2013.

The first Moto G has been very important in the Android landscape for a Motorola rising from the ashes with a good device, one of the best you could find at that time in quality / price. Now, a few months and years after it came out, Motorola has confirmed that Marshmallow won’t be coming to the original Moto G officially but the XDA community has gotten to work and as always makes updates arrive sooner on older devices than to the new ones.

Marshmallow Moto G

Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Moto G 2013

CyanogenMod 13 has already started its development a few weeks ago and an XDA contributor has managed to porting CM 13 unofficially for the first Moto Gthe Moto G Falcon that will live on thanks to XDA.

When the CM 13 code is uploaded to GitHub, it is very common for some development fans to choose to adapt some versions quickly, even though the developer acknowledges that there are problems in this version. some things like the camera and the mobile network fail quite a lot but wants to get important feedback so that this version is fully functional. The same thing happens with the Android Marshmallow ROM for the OnePlus One which is not yet functional but it is soon to be out of beta status.

It is a joy to see how Android developers care in this way to launch the latest versions of Android as soon as possible for some of the most famous mobiles of all time and the Moto G is one of those devices that has managed to make Lollipop work fluidly you should have no problem with Marshmallow which in theory offers a better performance and smoother.

If you want to install Marshmallow on the original Moto G below is the link to the XDA thread where they explain how to install it and how to fix the issues. posible problems that they appear.

Marshmallow for Moto G Falcon | XDA Developers

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