How to flash Google Assistant on any Android?

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Google Assistant has been presented at Google I/O 2016 but if you are one of those Android lovers you will want to have it on your phone and Google Assistant only comes standard on Google Pixel. That is, Google has presented an assistant that does not is It was available for all Android mobiles.

Starting tomorrow, February 3, 2017, the Open GApps may have Google Assistant integrated and if you flash them on your device you can also install Google Assistant with the limitations that this entails. Of course, to install the Open GApps with Google Assistant you will have to choose the new “Aroma” package since the other variants will not have it integrated and this installation will be an option.

google assistant

How to make Google Assistant work once the Open GApps are installed?

Apart from be root, have a custom recovery and flash the Open GApps Aroma package, for Google Assistant to work it will be necessary to put the mobile in English (US) and speak to the assistant in English.

Today, Google’s personal assistant is not only not available for all Android phones with Nougat, but in addition to this does not work in Spanish or in many other languagesit only works in your mother tongue and for it to work we will have to have a minimum level of English.

It is a first step, but it is not enough

At the moment there is no APK with which to install Google Assistant and many won’t do them any good either, since having Android with an assistant with whom they don’t know how to communicate in a language other than Spanish is useless.

If you want to download the Aroma package of the GApps click here. In case you did not know, these GApps are the way you have to flash the Google application package on an Android mobile that does not have it or does not come with them updated to the required version. We are getting closer to having Google Assistant but now we need Google to make it work in Spanish or it will not help many people.

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