Google buys all .app domains for $25 million

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Google has gone shopping again to get all the .app domains. This market strategy may have a lot to do with Google Domainswhich is currently in beta phase but which indicates that it will be a interesting bet for the future.

Yesterday I told you that Android developers can now promote their applications on Google Play, which is really essential when you’re new and need to make yourself known. Well, everything indicates that with that extra money that Google is going to enter, this new purchase of .app domains could be a future functionality so that each application can have its website, with said .app domain.

With this market strategy Google would further extend the application market to a website, to give them popularity and absolute dominance. It is true that many developers already have their own website where we enter and see all the applications they offer, but in this way the advertising is done directly from Google and has added value.

This purchase of Google could be among the largest in the market, since in proportion Amazon paid $5 million for all .buys and $2.2 million for .spot. Google’s jump for 25 million dollars leaves us a little stone, but not everything could be income, since its latest news was linked to earning extra money, both as the youtubers who advertised and sponsor the apps .

And if you thought you’d seen it all, here’s one compilation of the most creative urls:


Among this collection we find very creative urls such as .lol or .soy. And who knows if in the future we will end up paying to have one creative website that it is called “” or”, we will have to keep going crazy to grow this network of networks.

What do you think about the new Google? Would you pay for a creative domain?

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