Download Console OS, native Android for your PC

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How would you like to have the power of a PC in the Android operating system? It is true that high-end smartphones incorporate the specifications of some computers, but the performance of some desktop processors is brutal if we compare it with any mobile device, not to mention that the former do not need to make a efficient use of energy.

Console OS It is a project that was forged via Kickstarter and raised close to $80,000 while only needing $50,000 to bring it to life. Keep in mind that this project is not some kind of Android emulator that will run on your PC, but rather a system that will allow you to boot Android OS natively on your PC with dual boot between Windows and Android or any other operating system you have. installed.

Today the project is already working and you can download Console OS. Note that at the moment the compatibility is limited but there is one list that lets you know if your PC is compatible (where Surfaces are included) and even give you information to build your own dedicated PC exclusively for Console OS.

Its creators promise a simple installation of the system and the possibility of design games that directly rival the PC or console market on Android. This project looks very good, we will have to wait to see the adoption of such a solution by the manufacturers and find out if it is really established in the market so that everyone can enjoy Android in its purest form.

If it is true that there are other types of projects that want to make Android compatible with PC platforms, but Console OS intends to create a system thinking exclusively for PC and all-in-one devices (like the Surface) in which to enjoy all the power of Android in a scandalous hardware.

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