Does Nexus 5 battery last less with Lollipop?

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Many users of the Google Nexus 5 have complained that their battery lasts less after updating to Android Lollipop. Thanks to a study carried out by GSMArena we can say that this information is true. In this study, they analyze the battery of different smartphones with the KitKat and Lollipop version.

Lollipop includes a battery control mechanism called Project Volta, Google claims that with this mechanism included in the new operating system the battery increases 10% in terms of duration compared to KitKatbut how true is it if it’s not provable on a Nexus?

Analyzing various terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 the theory would be proven, since these two devices increase the battery life both in overall duration and in talk time. However, the same cannot be said for LG G3 nor the Nexus 5the other two mobiles analyzed, In addition to a drop in battery performance, they also have a worse processor performance.

Comparison of battery life depending on the operating system.  The numbers refer to hours.
Comparison of battery life depending on the operating system. The numbers refer to hours.

Before being alarmed by these data, it should be noted that this study was conducted with Android 5.0 Lollipopso there is still hope with the new updates that will arrive

Graph comparing battery life to talk time
Graph comparing battery life to talk time. You can see how the Nexus loses 6 hours of talk time.

do. In fact, with the 5.0.2 update, a series of errors are corrected, among which is the improvement of the general performance of the device, so we only have to wait for the latest update to be available for our phone.

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