Android 7.0 Nougat can’t be rooted

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It seemed that Android was going to stand out from the competition because it would give us more freedom, more options and more customization but little by little the future of Android is taking a different way. It is true that we are still far from reaching the philosophy of iOS but in a few years things can change a lot.

Until now on Android it was easy to be root to block ads, install custom themes, apply tweaks or even use the great Xposed framework with very powerful modules. Now, in Android 7.0 Nougat things are going to change. Android Nougat won’t be rootable and Pixel phones won’t eitherat least for now.


Android Nougat does not allow to be root

In Marshmallow the warnings came, a verification that the system did to know if the mobile had or did not have root. This is the Marshmallow Verified Boot that allows us to see if we have an official ROM or not. Many applications like Kingroot have disappeared with the arrival of Marshmallow, because now it is not as easy as before.

The problem is that, until now, when the check the phone failed it could boot the same but in Nougat things will be different, when the verification fails the phone won’t boot.

System check will prevent Nougat from booting

There are developers using the new root, a root systemless (without touching the system partition). Chainfire does and this was done to avoid all these problems. Now, with Nougat on the table, things change.

Nougat can be updated with a simple reboot and this has changed things. None of the current root methods without access to /system may work on future Pixels. and in Android Nougat, neither. Now we will have to see if the community is able to devise something to root Nougat but for now, the only solution would be to modify the kernel to end the system verification but this will leave us unprotected, without OTA updates and perhaps with other problems type.

Luckily, rooting on Android is no longer necessary, but there are still those who are interested and it seems that it won’t be like that on Nougat.

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