A benchmark of the MediaTek MT6795 reveals its power, it will compete with the Snapdragon 810

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The new MediaTek MT6795 It has not yet been integrated into any smartphone, but one of the benchmarks that circulates on the network makes us see the raw power that is inside this processor. This new MediaTek processor is 64-bit and eight real cores running at 2.2 GHz.

This will allow you to move 2K displays seamlessly and compete directly against your direct rivals, Qualcomm processors. Until now we did not have data on its real performance but thanks to one of the benchmarks that has been leaked in PhoneArenawe can see some results that leave us astonished.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is 64-bit and is manufacturing in 20nm, while the MediaTek uses a more obsolete technology, 28nm. However, the cooling problems of the 810 that do not exist are solved with internal technologies that allow better cooling of the chip, but it is prone to aggressive heating.

However, the fact that the Snapdragon 810 is one of the processors that the high end of Android will wear during 2015 makes us see, according to the Geekbench test, that the MT6795 will compete directly with the big ones.

Benchmark: MT6795 vs Snapdragon 810

  • In tests of a single core the MT6795 gets 886 points while the Snapdragon reaches 1144 points.
  • speaking of the multi-thread test the MT6795 reaches 4536 points while the Snapdragon 810 (mounted on the LG G Flex 2) stays at 4345.

MediaTek-MT6795 Benchmark

We are aware that the results of a benchmark depend on the platform on which it is mounted and we cannot draw definitive conclusions because we do not know under what conditions the tests have been done with the MediaTek but we do know that, in terms of gross yieldthe Chinese chip shows very promising results.

chipset will enter the production line at the end of March and this makes us see that a Q2 awaits us in 2015 (second quarter of the year) full of Chinese smartphones with top-of-the-range processors and impressive performance. What we do know is that MediaTek is already making a 20nm architecture chip that could be even more powerful but won’t be made until Q4 2015.

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