Xiaomi stock price in real time

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Xiaomi is a great company, there is no doubt about that. Now for go public perhaps things have to change and that is what scares us consumers the most. The firm has gone public with an expected result, but not a pleasant one for the company’s directors.

The Xiaomi share price It has remained practically unchanged during the first day reaching a value of almost 17 Hong Kong dollars, about 1.82 euros per action.

How much are Xiaomi shares worth?

Xiaomi Stock Value

Thanks to this IPO, we now have an exact value for Xiaomi. The company has a US$54 billion valuation. The most curious thing is that already in 2014 this company had an (unofficial) valuation of about 46 billion dollars.

Today we already have real value and although it is far from the 100,000 million that it expected to cost, it is quite close to the actual forecasts of the signature. Xiaomi expected to reach a market value of about 50 billion dollars at first and it has succeeded.

At the end of the article we leave you a link to check the value of Xiaomi shares in real time.

Why is Xiaomi not an attractive company to invest in?

Far from studying a profile investor For Xiaomi, we will talk about the company’s decisions that have made investors more reluctant to invest heavily in this firm.

  • Xiaomi is a software company: Xiaomi has always made it clear that it is an Internet service company. This is true in China, but not in the West. In China you are the product, in the West the Xiaomi are the product.
  • A very low profit margin: The firm has clarified that it will never increase the profit margin by more than 5% per phone and that does not sound interesting at all. The investor prefers to leave his money in companies with a higher profit. To this we must add that Xiaomi sells much more low-end and mid-range than high-end, which means an even lower profit.
  • Little presence in the US market: Despite the fact that Xiaomi is already sold in most countries of the world, unofficially, its non-arrival in the American capital is possibly another of the things that add up less for Xiaomi to be an attractive company.

It is true that there are certain investors who will prefer to invest in this type of company, less volatile and more serious, but the riskiest will discard this value due to the aforementioned. If you had a million dollars to invest, would you put it in Xiaomi shares?

Xiaomi Value | Bloomberg

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