The mobile airbag is born, do you know how it works?

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How many phones with broken screen have you seen? I have even seen several Broken iPhone X completely and the truth is that fixing them costs a lot. But that’s about to end thanks to this German student.

Philip Frenzel ha created and patented a prototype of an «airbag» for smartphones that prevents these from breaking when falling to the ground. The good thing about this method is that it can be reused, it’s not expensive and it could be attached to practically any device without increasing the thickness too much. What I do not think is that we will see it soon on some mobiles, it does not seem like something very «glamorous» and less for the most powerful firms in the sector.

How does this student’s homemade airbag work?

Philip has thought about the concept of car airbags but this does not have any type of bag that inflates. This homemade airbag is made up of 8 flexible tentacles that can leave the mobile when a fall is detected.

The prototype is not integrated into a mobile, but in a case. These legs (it is best to watch the video) are rapidly deploy when the device uses the sensors and knows that the mobile is falling. When unfolded, thanks to their construction, they cushion the blow against the ground, avoiding unnecessary damage.

Reusable, the key to your success

The best thing is that unlike other systems, it can be folded again (unless the fall is so strong that it breaks) to continue protecting the device. It may seem silly but there are many people who would pay up to hundreds of dollars for something like this to protect the mobile.

It is no longer that there are no cheap mobiles to buy, but sometimes it is difficult to be so clumsy as to have to change mobile up to 3 or 4 times in the same year. These people would be delighted to have an airbag in their smartphone. Either that or directly tied to the neck, to prevent it from falling from the hands and going to the ground.

What do you think of the invention? Do you have many friends who could use it?

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