How does the Instagram algorithm work in the middle of 2018?

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Instagram, like Facebook or Google, has a powerful algorithm that controls the thousands of things that are ordered every day on the platform. That is, it has a program (with millions of lines of code) that is responsible for ordering all the information.

The operation of this algorithm is not the most complex of those seen on platforms such as Facebook or Google, but it is true that nobody knows, exactly, how it orders the information Or what rules does it follow? However, thanks to TechCrunch, we have been able to discover some very interesting things about him.

The 6 factors that influence the Instagram algorithm

Clarified that Instagram prioritizes 6 factors (although there will surely be more), creating a unique score for each user with respect to those who follow. The algorithm learns from us and orders according to what we do as a result of 3 very important things:

  • Interest in publications: The first thing that influences is interest, depending on your behavior. If you interact a lot with the profile, visit it, etc. Posts from that profile may go out sooner.
  • publication date: the newer the post, the higher it appears (and that’s normal). We remember that Instagram is not exactly ordered chronologically but it does prioritize new posts.
  • Relationship with the person you follow: if you have a relationship with the person you follow, this will have priority in your timeline (if you comment, if you tag them, etc).

instagram algorithm

In addition to that, of the 3 main factors, there are 3 other secondary ones that help to discern when these 3 points are not entirely clear:

  • Instagram opening frequency: depending on how many times you open Instagram, the application will choose for you all or only some posts. If you usually open it so that you have time to see them all, it will order them differently than if you only enter once a day and follow thousands of people.
  • Use time: related to the above. It is not the same that you enter to see only 1 minute or enter for 30 minutes. That will allow you to see recent or perhaps older posts.
  • Number of people you follow: The more people you follow, the fewer posts you will see. If you follow many accounts the algorithm becomes very selective and you only see some photos of the people you follow.

In addition to these 6 things, it has also been confirmed that the chronological order will not return and that the position of the News has nothing to do with that of the stories. Likewise, users who upload a lot of News are not penalized by the algorithm.

Remember that it has currently added a function that tells you when you have seen all the news on Instagram, and it is really interesting for stop looking for posts if you’ve seen them all.

Source | TechCrunch

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