Why does Instagram show posts from people I don’t follow?

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Has it happened to you that lately Instagram is showing you posts from unknown people that you have never followed? It’s normal, because the platform is testing a new method for you to spend more time in the application. More advertising on the platform? Yes and no, and that’s why we’ll explain Why are you seeing posts from people you don’t follow on Instagram?.

Instagram now shows suggestions when you get to the end of your feed to keep you hooked

instagram infinite scroll

The latest Instagram update brings with it a novelty that clearly shows the intentions of the platform. Facebook wants you hooked on Instagram and now you can see “suggested posts” when you get to the end of your feed.

Until now, all that appeared in your feed was content of two types: posts from accounts you follow and advertising related to your interests. Also, when you finished seeing all the content you had pending, Instagram warned you that you were up to date. These posts were only about the last two days, and yes, you could still scroll infinitely, but you would start seeing old posts.

However, that will no longer be the case and the infinite scroll will change. After updating the application, Instagram will continue to notify you that you reached the end, but now shows you posts from accounts you might like.

Like with the Explore tab? No. According to Julian Gutman, product manager of Instagram Home, these suggested photos and videos are directly related to the accounts you follow. Meanwhile, the Explore section shows adjacent content that might interest you, but doesn’t have to be directly related to things you like. We have already tried them and the truth is that we see publications similar to those found in the explore tab.

Will these suggestions show posts of all types? No, only the videos and photos that appear in your main feed. for now Instagram does not intend to show IGTV and Reels as part of your suggestion feedbut they may change their minds.

Suggested Instagram posts are for you to see more advertising

instagram advertising

What is behind this idea? Gutman says that Instagram just wants to make it easier for you to find content that interests you so you can dive deeper into it. However, there is another hidden truth, advertising.

That “continuation” of your feed will continue to work just like the standard feed, that is, will show you ads every so often. Thus, Instagram will be able to continue monetizing while you stay hooked. What is special about this measure? That when you see something new that catches your attention you spend more time on it. Besides, as it is suggested content according to your interests, the engagement is almost guaranteed. A perfect play no?

This decision is also quite curious, since goes against the position that Instagram took two years ago on the time users spend on the platform. When the feed termination notification was launched, Kevin Systrom (Instagram co-founder) said that it was a decision for the mental health of the users.

In addition, he noted that all screen time had to be “positive and intentional”, something that does not fit with the suggested posts. Finally, this update feels like Instagram is following TikTok’s lead, which launches you into an endless source of content. This is partly what catapulted the Chinese social network to success, but the truth is that it is not particularly positive.

Do you think that the suggested posts are a success?

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