Why can’t I create an account on Discord?

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Discord is one of the social platforms that has grown the most in recent years. It became very popular thanks to the community of gamers who use it to chat by voice while playing. However, is available to anyone who wants to create a server or community where you can chat by voice, text or video call with other people who have common interests.

Do you also want to be on Discord to talk with your friends? Well, the first thing you should do is register. Of course, when trying to do this you may find yourself with a very common and frustrating error message that says “You can’t register”. What this message means is that a piece of information you entered is not valid and you should change it. Normally, the platform would tell you which data is wrong and why, but for some reason Discord doesn’t do it in certain cases.

Luckily, we are here for help you register successfully on Discordfixing the “Can’t register” error.

Reasons why Discord won’t let you create an account

discord you can't register messages

In exact words, what the Discord error message says when trying to create an account is the following: “You cannot register. Based on the information provided, you cannot currently create an account. Go back to login”. Did you get exactly this same message? Well, what you should do now is press the Back to login button.

Once the button is pressed, you may see red text that tells you what you did wrong when creating the account. Anyway, here you go the 4 possible reasons why Discord throws you this error message:

  • Invalid email or phone number: You are trying to create an account with an email or number already registered.
  • You have chosen the username that someone else already has: Discord doesn’t verify in real time that the username you want to use isn’t already held by someone else. Therefore, this is usually the most common cause of the error.
  • You do not meet the minimum age requirement: In Discord you must be of a certain age to be able to create an account, although this varies depending on the country in which you are. In Spain, you must be over 14 years old as in several Latin American countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Peru). For more information visit this link.
  • Your IP has been banned: It is possible that you are creating a new account from a device from which Discord has already been used and has been banned. This is not a common cause if no one has ever used this app on your mobile or PC.

Please note that if you use an invalid password or mistype your email, they won’t show you the error messagebut they will tell you on the same page.

How to Fix “Can’t Sign Up” Error on Discord

Incognito mode in Google Chrome

Something pretty weird about the Discord “You can’t sign up” error message is that after it first appears to you, It will continue to appear when you click register or refresh the page. That way, Discord doesn’t give you a chance to try to create an account again and rectify. However, there is a trick that will allow you to do it.

The only thing you have to do is access the Discord registration page from the incognito mode of the browser that you are using. It also serves that you access the registry from another browser. Be that as it may, that way you will have the possibility to correct the data that you put wrong and finally create the Discord account that you needed.

Ultimately, we hope this information has been useful to you in order to create your Discord account. And if you are already creating your first server, check out this article where we present the 10 best bots that you can put on your Discord server.

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