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Facebook doesn’t charge you to use its platforms, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% free. We know that Instagram and Facebook make money through advertising what do you see in them, but… what about WhatsApp? It’s the only Facebook app that doesn’t have ads yet, and according to what the company said in 2020, it won’t for a long time.

Does that mean that Facebook does not make money with WhatsApp? Well no, since Facebook uses WhatsApp to collect information from users (for ad personalization), which brings them huge benefits. In other words, you are paying for the WhatsApp service with your data… you are the product!

Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue, two developers who worked on WhatsApp before and after the Facebook purchase, have created a messaging app that doesn’t treat you like a product, in response to the latest WhatsApp policies. The application is called HalloApp and then we will tell you what it is like.

So HalloApp takes care of your privacy and connects you with the people who really matter to you

halloapp application

HalloApp promotes itself as “the first app for real relationships”. It is a social network where the main panel it’s not filled with people or posts you don’t care about. The app does not have an algorithm that chooses what you should see, so it only shows you the content of people who really interest you, without cheating.

Privacy is an integral part of HalloApp. Its developers claim that they only use your phone number to sign up and that they only access your contact list to connect with your friends and family.

In addition, all the chats on this platform are end-to-end encryptionso no one outside the conversations can see them.

HalloApp does not collect any “additional data” from your phone book nor does it collect, store or use any personal information. And the most important thing is that the platform will never show ads, according to the words of its creators. However, they plan to offer additional features in the future for a small cost.



How is the HalloApp application?

halloapp messenger from whatsapp creators

Although its philosophy is very different from that of today’s social networks, HalloApp’s functions and interface are typical. What we like is that it is quite simple and has no unnecessary options. It only has four tabs:

  • Start: is the place where you see the posts of your contacts. In this space you can also post photos, videos or text.

    • sayings posts disappear after 30 days, so they are like WhatsApp stories, but more durable. Also, you can leave comments on a post (without opening a chat for it).
  • groups: your groups will be here and you can create new ones. The curious thing about these groups is that they are not like chats, but rather like a private publication panel that only the members of the group can see.
  • chat: in this section you will find your conversations. The messaging itself is very simple. It does not have options to send emojis, GIFs or stickers (although you can use the keyboard ones). There is only one option to send images and videos.
  • Setting: to see all the settings of the app. From this tab you can view your posting history, request your account details, delete your account, configure notifications, and change privacy settings.

And basically that’s all that HalloApp offers. As you can see, it is an ultra-simple application and the truth is that we really like it that way. It would only need to improve the chat options (it is urgent that it have its own option of emojis and stickers) and offer the possibility of making calls and video calls, which are already a standard in current messaging applications.

If you keep your philosophy pro-privacy and anti-adsit can become a great rival to WhatsApp and other messaging apps. What do you think? Have you already tried HalloApp?

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