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Do you want to easily discover new podcasts or share the ones you listen to with your friends? Until now you could do it, but you always had to resort to quite rudimentary methods to achieve it.

This will no longer be the case, because thanks to Reason you will be able to share all your favorite shows in a simple way, as well as discover new ones in a matter of seconds. What are we talking about? From Reason: the social app to listen to podcastst.

Reason blends Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify into one super podcast platform

reason app podcast android ios

Imagine the following: you have an app that mixes the best of Twitter and Instagram, but focused solely on podcasts as if it were Spotify. Is there such a thing? Yes, it’s called Reason and it’s a new application that could soon become a sensation in the entire world.

The reason? Reason allows you access hundreds of podcasts around the world through its platform, but that’s just the beginning. Social interaction within Reason is extremely important, why do we say it? Because you can do things like these:

  • Follow other users to see what they post, or have them follow you.
  • You’ll be able to “like” other people’s posts to let them know that you appreciate their content.
  • Users can earn karma to improve your positioning within the platform.
  • Each post has its own comments section for you to meet new people and debate with them.
  • you can create discussion threads around the entire collection of podcast episodes and not just separately.
  • There are sections within Reason that show you podcasts with the most views in the last hours. Yes, like the trending topics on Twitter.

And much more. Reason is a great app that apart from a very well designed interface, easy to understand and attractive to look at. It also has numerous tabs properly arranged by theme that will help you discover new shows. And speaking of which, Shall we tell you how to find new podcasts with this platform?

How to find new podcasts with Reason, 7 different methods

how to find podcast reason android

With all the talk of it being a social app, Reason gives you the opportunity to discover new podcasts very easily. In fact, it would be an equivalent to Humit, another social network but focused on music. The easiest ways to discover new podcasts in Reason? Are:

  • Follow other users to discover the podcasts you listen to and share.
  • Keep track of the “Trending Right Now” podcast playlist.
  • Check out the «Liked by Friends» list to find out what your friends like.
  • check Reason’s thematic sections frequently.
  • Enter to the “Best Podcast” list to discover the best within the platform.
  • Participate in discussion threads inside Reason.
  • Check the “Discover” tab in which you will find all kinds of content as it happens in its equivalent on Instagram.

Are there other methods? Definitely yes, but the 7 that we leave you above are the most common and easiest to perform. In addition, they are so varied methods that surely you will never stop coming across new podcasts in the path.

Reason is available on Android through the Play Store and it’s free. In addition, you can create your user or log in with your Google account in a matter of seconds, so in a few minutes you will be ready to enjoy this fantastic app. podcast player

Not enough with Reason? Then give Stereo a try, another very good podcast-based social network.

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