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Whenever we talk about good apps to take photos on Android we mention the Google Pixel GCam, but what about its Go version? Believe it or not, the trimmed down version is almost as good an app as the standard one and was recently updated. So is the Google CameraGo 2.5which you can also install on any Android because its APK has excellent compatibility.

The GCam Go 2.5 brings many new features that you can take to your mobile

google camerago 2.5

GCam is one of the best camera apps for Android, but the Go version is not far behind. Despite being a cropped version, the Google Camera Go maintains the strengths of its older sister: excellent image processingamazing night mode, and great handling of HDR-enabled photography.

Also, the latest update (version 2.5) is already compatible with mobiles that equip a second photographic sensor. This is something very common today, especially if we talk about Android phones and not Android Go, so it’s a big step.

Anything else? Yes, the Google Camera Go 2.5 also allows you to take photos in night mode with resolutions up to 48 MP and includes text translation thanks to Google Lens and Google translator. Other than that, some minor bugs are fixed and the appearance of the application is slightly modified, but those are the official changes.

The Android developer community always has something else to say, and this is no exception. Thanks to Greatness, one of the most famous GCam modders, today you can install the GCam Go 2.5 on almost any Android what you wish. The compatibility of this modified APK is much larger than that of the standard GCam, although obviously its performance is a bit lower. Even so, it is an incredible option to take good photos, so we will show you how to install it on your mobile.

How to install Greatness Google Camera Go 2.5 APK on your Android smartphone

google camera go 2.5 install any android

If this is the first time you’ve installed an APK on Android, you may think it’s a complicated process, but the truth is that it’s really easy. Also, in the case of the Greatness GCam Go APK, there are 3 versions of the application that help improve compatibility. This is what each modified APK is for (includes download links):

What should you do to install this application on your device? This:

  1. Download the APK of the GCam Go 2.5 from one of the links that we leave above.
  2. Open the APK from your mobile browser or file manager.
  3. Grant permission to installation from unknown sources.
  4. Complete the installation of the APK.
  5. Enjoy the GCam Go 2.5 on your mobile.

As you can see, it is a very simple process to follow. The results? Although the GCam Go does not compete with the camera apps that a top-of-the-range mobile could include, the truth is that the photographic performance is very good. In fact, the improvement is remarkable if your mobile is low-end or mid-range.

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