The Google Phone app will record your calls with strangers

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One of the apps that come installed on Pixel phones and other Stock Android models is google phone. An app to make or receive calls of the most complete. And seeing that it is compatible with a large number of phones, more and more users are betting on it.

And it is that, it even has a dark mode to make its use more pleasant in low light conditions. All thanks to the constant updates that Google launches to improve its service.

Now, we just found out thanks to the fellow Android Policethat in a very short time The Google Phone application will take care of recording the calls you make or receive from numbers that do not appear in your address book.

Google will ask permission to record your conversations

google phone app

It is true that at the beginning of last year The Google Phone app could already record conversations on select phones and regions. And now it will take another step forward, as they are working on a really interesting update.

more than anything because Google will be able to record the calls you receive from numbers that are not among your contacts. And it is that, within version 59 of the Google Phone app, a series of code strings have been discovered that make it clear that Google is working on this new function.

The idea is pretty good. When a contact that is in your address book calls you, the most common thing is that you know who it is. But when they call from an unknown number, things change. AND Considering the large number of scams out there, better safe than sorry.

And this is where the Google Phone app will come in, which will take care of recording all the calls you make or receive on your device. Of course, on the one hand the giant based in Mountain View will ask your permission beforeand will indicate that the conversations that are recorded will only be available on your mobile phone.

On the other hand, the other party will also receive a notice indicating that the conversation will be recordedas long as it is carried out in a country that requires consent to carry out this type of registration.

This way, you can accept or cancel the recording depending on your needs. It has not been made clear what will happen in the event that the other party does not accept the recording of the call. In Spain you can record calls as long as it is reported, if you have doubts you can inform yourself about the subject.

We do not know when will this new feature come to the Google Phone app, but it is quite clear that the next update of this service will include a very interesting surprise.

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