The 5 most exclusive dating apps (only rich and famous)

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let’s be clear, flirting has never been easy, for a reason it is still a recurring theme in forums, television series, novels, movies, etc. The Internet has pages and applications whose objective is to meet people and flirt. And this has made the process a bit easier.

But there are 5 apps to remind us that opportunities are not the same for everyone. These 5 dating apps are the most exclusive on the planet, only fit for the rich and famous. If you are curious or aspire to reach this status, pay attention.

Raya, the most used by the rich and famous

5 most exclusive flirting apps that exist RAYA

Raya is an app available only on iOS. They define themselves as “a private community where people come to connect to date, network, and make friends.” This private community is one of the most select: is the most used app by rich, famous and entrepreneurs with super successful careers.

To enter you must pass the filter of a very rigorous committee that evaluates things like your profession, number of followers on the networks, physical appearance, and other demands. The privacy in this app is extreme and it is impossible, for example, to take a screenshot of the application.

Luxy, luxury and high status

5 most exclusive flirting apps that exist luxy

Luxy does not lie and says that “it is the leading dating app for rich, successful, beautiful and attractive singles who love things luxurious”. To be accepted you must earn more than 165 thousand euros per year, although other members can also vote for you if you are very attractive.

It is aimed at the elite of successful executives, beauty queens, models, celebrities, professional athletes, etc. Age matters too: You must be between 30 and 49 years old. If you meet these requirements and want to download the application, here it is.

Luxy pro - Chat with Strangers

MillionaireMatch, for rich and attractive singles

5 mmatch flirt apps

The Millionaire Dating & Matchmaker app is a place for wealthy and attractive singles to meet and date, it’s that simple. This app is 19 years old and nearly 4 million members.

They guarantee excellent results to meet like-minded people, since they work with best dating industry technologiesno unproven or mediocre technologies.

Of course they request certification of your income, they ask for the description of the personal security that you use and the security that you have installed in the places where you operate (houses, offices, yachts, countries, etc.).

They guarantee total confidentiality and even give “millionaire certificates” that guarantee that every hookup is between people with a lot, a lot, money. If you are rich, attractive and want to try the application, here it is.

Millionaire Match: Rich Dating

The League, for people with intelligence and ambition

ligar the league

This app is described as a place for demanding people who they don’t want to waste their time with someone who doesn’t know how to take a good selfie or has misspellings. The profile they are looking for in their users is of people with studies, good work, productive, cultured… And (of course) who have ambition and money.

They have an algorithm and a selection committee as demanding as the people who are part of this select and elitist group. They have several services and spaces in the application such as flirt groups, events, private chats, etc.

If you consider yourself educated, demanding and ambitious but you don’t have money, don’t try to enter because the fees for maintenance and services are quite high. Now, if you meet all these requirements, we invite you to try it.

The League

Tinder Select, by invitation only

Tinder Select

Among the 5 most exclusive flirting apps that exist is «Tinder», but downloading and using it is one thing and being in the “Select” group is another. To belong you have to receive an invitation from another member of this distinguished group and do not wait to be invited if you are not a tycoon, celebrity, royalty or a prominent person who has friends with a lot of money and works in that elite.

This app is like an open secret though Tinder owners deny that this “Select” version exists so that it does not overcrowd. If you have ambitions, achievements, wealthy friends and your goal is to be a millionaire, download Tinder and wait for your invitation to «Select».


The 5 most exclusive flirting apps that exist they have expensive subscriptions and the additional services they provide are also expensive. We imagine that these prices are also a way of filtering the public according to the motto: “excellent things cost a lot”.

If you are a normal person you should know that there are applications to find friends and applications to flirt made for you, so do not feel excluded because you do not belong to the elite.

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