The 5 best apps to summarize texts from your mobile

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Summarizing texts is a practice that can be annoying, however it is one of the best ways to memorize information. If you constantly have to summarize texts, today we will show you some apps with which you can do it from your mobile.

these apps They will help you whether you have to make summaries for your work or for your classes. Although if you want apps to study, you should know the 5 applications that will help you study better.

We warn you that you should not leave all the work of summarizing texts to these applications, because it is possible that they delete an important part of the text. Ideally, you should check if the summaries that these apps have made are correct.

The app to summarize texts with the simplest interface, SumIt!

SumIt!  app summarize texts mobile

SumIt! it only takes a couple of seconds to summarize the texts thanks to the algorithm it has. The best thing about this app is that it makes the summaries in the form of bullet points so that it is easier for you to understand the information.

This app allows you to share on different social networks or send the summaries you make by email. What’s more, you can summarize texts from different websites through a URL.

SumIt!  Text Summarization

Text Summary and Analysis: an app that summarizes texts and translates them

Summary and Text Analysis app summarize mobile

The operation of Summary and Text Analysis is quite good because it uses Artificial Intelligence to do the summaries. This application allows you to divide a text into different parts and analyze them separately.

What’s more, this app identifies the keywords and the main ideas of the texts. Text Summarization and Analysis summarizes website texts, images and has a built-in translator.

Summary and Text Analysis

Text Summary: the app to summarize texts that is in Spanish

Text Summary app summarize mobile texts

Text Summary is an app that quickly summarizes texts. This app automatically finds the most important information in texts to do summaries.

With this app you can summarize texts of any size, texts from websites, texts from images and documents with PDF or docx formats. To use Text Summary you only have to enter the text, tell the app how long the summary should be and that’s it.

Text Summary - Summarize texts

Summarizer and Paraphraser: an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to summarize texts

Summarizer and Paraphraser summarize mobile texts

Summarizer and Paraphraser has an Artificial Intelligence that makes the summaries fast. What’s more, this app allows you to organize the summaries and the most important information of the texts as you prefer.

with this app you can summarize texts with the extension you want. Summarizer and Paraphraser has a function that helps you solve the doubts that arise while you study.

Summarizer and Paraphraser

SUMMY: the app that can summarize texts with different document formats

SUMMY app summarize texts mobile

This application creates summaries of multiple document formats. Although it also allows you to summarize texts from websites and the texts that you paste or write. With SUMMY you can share your summaries on social networksIn addition, this app also has a built-in translator.

SUMMY - Text Summarizer

These apps will help you summarize texts from your mobileThey will be very useful to you. By the way, if you are a student, you have to know that studying with your smartphone is bad.

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