Spotify now lets you search for songs with snippets of lyrics

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Finding a song on the Internet of which we only know its melody, or part of its lyrics, can be a complicated task. Although there are services that allow you to find songs by putting part of the lyrics, such as Apple Music and even YouTube, users using Spotify couldn’t do thissince the platform in question never included this function.

Now, and thanks to spotify employee adit has been confirmed that this music streaming platform now allows you to find songs by typing part of the lyrics.

Spotify now allows you to search for songs by typing part of the lyrics

Find songs by Spotify lyrics

Accessing this new option that Spotify has released is extremely simple. Only you must write some of the words mentioned in the song within the search bar of the service. Based on those words, Spotify will search within its database and it will instantly return a series of results related to the words that have been written.

Notably this new feature is available throughout the Spotify ecosystem, that is, it can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Smart TV. In addition, it is not necessary to put the app in English, since the service also recognizes song lyrics in Spanish.

Can’t use this new Spotify feature?

Spotify new feature

If you’re looking for songs on Spotify by typing their lyrics, and the search engine doesn’t give you any results, don’t worry, it’s likely that this function hasn’t arrived in your country yet.

Spotify has not yet ruled on the matter, but various media claim that full rollout of this feature will take at least a week or two to reach all platforms. From here we confirm that this feature is active on Android and iOSTherefore, if you cannot use it, we recommend that you update the app manually from the Google Play Store or App Store.

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