Secure Clips, a secure clipboard for your Android

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Do you know what happens when you copy and paste information on your Android mobile? This is stored in a clipboard that is integrated into the system and can be accessed by thousands of applications… Do you want to avoid this? Well, there are apps like “SecureClips” that allow you to use a private clipboard to which these applications do not have access, especially if the information is sensitive (such as passwords or bank card codes).

Next we will explain how this created app works «EasyJoin»a developer famous for its mobile apps file sharing and security.

How does SecureClips work?

Secure Clips gives you two clipboard lists: a list where your copies arrive (just like any normal clipboard list) and a private list, where you can put all the information you consider sensitive. You can also switch from one list to another whenever you want. you can even create notes within the app and place them on the clipboard you want.

Secure Clips explanation

It is important to clarify that this application does not work with images, only with texts. We hope that in the future it will admit them. It is noted that the developers are attentive to the comments because in the past it was not integrated into the notification bar and in its latest update they have added this feature so requested by users.

The app has a modern design and even enjoy the popular night mode. The problem is that you will only find in English but it is so easy to use that this will not be an inconvenience.

You will have to activate a special permission for it to work correctly

These kinds of apps, which handle “advanced aspects of Android,” need a special permission called the accessibility permission. At the time of installation, the app will ask you to activate this permission, you must activate it if you want it to be able to integrate into the system and not ask you for confirmation every time you use the secure clipboard.

Secure Clips is not free

The application is not free, but costs €1.89 and you can download it from Google Play. Although you will have to pay for it, it is one of the few that offers a secure and private clipboard. If you work with important data you may want to give it a try.

Secure Clips clipboard manager

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