RTVE Play, the new version of RTVE A la Carta

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What you used to know as RTVE A la Carta, now it’s RTVE Play. That’s right, the Spanish public television application has changed its name and design to offer you a better experience. And it is that it has also added a large number of new functions to catch up, at least in terms of functionality, with the best streaming apps.

Join us to know all the news that RTVE Play brings and remember what content you can see for free with this application, which is not only for users in Spain. It works all over the world!

All the changes that come with RTVE Play

rtve play changes

The first thing you’ll notice when upgrading to RTVE Play is that the entire interface has been completely revamped. Keeps the design dark, but now all content and sections are better classified so that the user finds what he wants to see intuitively. Beyond the aesthetic, these are the changes introduced by this new version of the RTVE app:

  • Registration required to use it: As of July 15 you will not be able to use RTVE Play without an account. By the way, registration is free.
  • Keep watching: You can exit the application in the middle of a movie or a chapter and, when you return, you can continue watching it right at the minute where you left it.
  • Download the content of RTVE Play: You can also download the series, movies or programs you want to watch them without Internet.
  • Send the content to your TV: If you have an Apple TV or a device with Chromecast, you can transmit the content of RTVE Play to your television and control it from your mobile.
  • Improved player with many new options:
    • It allows you see the direct from the beginningas well as move them forward and backward.
    • Now has PiP mode with which you can reduce the player to see the content on a mini screen while you use other apps on your mobile.
    • Options for choose languages ​​and activate subtitles in the content where possible.

rtve play player

  • Personalized Recommendations: There is now an algorithm that recommends movies, programs and series based on what you have seen, your demographic profile, etc.
  • Notifications so you don’t miss a thing: RTVE Play will send notifications to your mobile to let you know when new episodes, direct specials, etc. are already available.
  • New interactive grill: Shows the last 7 days of TVE programming and the next three.
  • Search engine optimized content: It is now faster and more efficient. There’s also a new alphabetical index to manually search for what you want to see.

It is worth noting that RTVE Play is not the same as RTVE Play+. The latter is the paid subscription of Spanish public television for users in the Americas (worth $4.99 per month), which offers content that is already free for users in Spain since it is paid for with taxes.

What can you see on RTVE Play?

rtve play content

RTVE Play allows you to watch live channels like La 1, La 2, 24 hours, Teledeporte, Playz, TVE Catalunya and TVE Canarias. In addition, in this app you can watch special broadcasts of major events such as the next Tour de France and the next Olympic Games.

There is also content on demand or “a la carte”. RTVE Play offers you to watch streaming movies, series, programs, concerts and documentariesboth TVE originals and international productions.

Some series that you can see on RTVE Play are: Commissioner Montalbano, Anna and the seven, Riders, Two lives, Leonardo, Serve and protect, among other. On the documentaries side, the ones that the app promotes the most are: The Genius of Trees, The Last Secret of the Titanic, The True Story of Schindler, The Last Secrets of Hitler, etc.

And the 10 most watched movies on RTVE Play, according to the platform itself, are: The days to come, The girl on the train, The life of Adele, Champions, Wild Tales, Juliet, The witches of Zugarramurdi, In exchange for nothing, Living is easy, and Easy Sex, sad movies. In short, with RTVE Play you have plenty of free content to entertain you. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options to watch TV for free on your mobile.


‎RTVE Play

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