Is it safe to use BlueStacks to install Android apps on PC?

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Running Android applications on computers is possible thanks to apps like BlueStacks. This emulator is one of the most used, since thanks to years of experience it offers quite good performance. But, is this software safe? We are going to tell you everything you need to know to know it.

This application allows everything from running Android games to other types of applications such as social network clients or those that allow you to make online purchases. Therefore, it is like having a device inside the PC in which it is possible to carry out practically everything what is done with a phone or tablet with the Google operating system.

BlueStacks App

How to install BlueStacks?

This is something really simple, since you just have to download the installation file and install it on your PC like any other program. Here you can download the app: Download BlueStacks by clicking here.

The first time you open the software you have to carry out a process of configuration identical to that of Android devices, so you must have a Google account (or create one) to be able to run everything correctly. In less than five minutes you will have everything available.

Is BlueStacks app safe?

There are many times that this application has been accused of putting the PCs on which it is installed at risk. And that’s because sometimes slows down computer performance when is it used. But that has an explanation, because emulating Android apps on a PC requires a lot of power and when using a PC with few resources it is normal for it to slow down.

Therefore, It is neither spyware nor does it generate cryptocurrencies. such as Bitcoins in the background. What’s more, applications like the Windows Security Center or others like Malwarebytes (dedicated to finding malicious software), detect the application we’re talking about. Of course, it will never be malware as long as you have downloaded the app from the official website…

Bluestacks spyware

Therefore, the security that exists when installing and using the BlueStacks application is total. If you want to run this application as smoothly as possible, what you should check is that your computer has the following hardware (which is recommended):

  • Intel or AMD processor with a PassMark score of 1,000 or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD-type storage disk
  • Graphics card with a PassMark score of 750 or higher
  • Internet connection

Is it clear to you if BlueStacks is a safe application?

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