How to use WhatsApp in the car legally and without touching the mobile?

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Are you worried about your safety and that of others when driving? Smartphones are a wonder that allow us to do everything, but irresponsible use is also dangerous. The amount of traffic accidents caused by the use of mobile phones when driving is very big, and it is in your hands not to be one more number of those statistics.

If you want to drive safely, it’s best not to use your device, but we all know that an urgent message always arrives on WhatsApp at the worst time. So, if this is your case, it is best to reduce your physical interaction with the mobile as much as possible, luckily you can do it with the right app. We teach you how to use WhatsApp in the car legally and without touching the mobile using Myfreehands.

Myfreehands allows you to talk on WhatsApp and drive safely at the same time

myfreehands answer messages with voice while driving

Myfreehands is an application that surely doesn’t sound familiar to you, and it’s not surprising, because it’s very new. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not great. What is it for? For what reply on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms using your voice, without touching the mobile.

Doesn’t Google Assistant do this already? Yes, you can allow the assistant to read your messages and reply with your voice too, but Myfreehands is specialized in it. being an app specifically created to respond with your voicethis will not end up understanding something else as sometimes happens with the Google assistant.

Myfreehands allows you to reply to messages on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, WeChat, Messenger, Hangouts and Viber. All of them using your voice, without touching the mobile at any time and also being able to receive images, audios, videos or share your location. In addition, it has three modes of use:

  • Car mode: to use the app with the mobile connected to the car hands-free.
  • Street mode: to activate the operation of Myfreehands with a Bluetooth handsfree such as a wireless headset.
  • Street/Car mode: the mixture of the previous two, being able to quickly switch between one bluetooth device and another.

As you can see, you will be able to use Myfreehands at all times and not only when driving, which is a great advantage. Besides, are you too busy behind the wheel? As well you can set an automatic reply and notify that you will respond shortly.

How to set up and use Myfreehands?

Although it may seem that Myfreehands can be difficult to use and configure, it is actually quite simple. Its interface allows you to have everything ready with a few touches, although the initial configuration itself is a bit longer. To answer WhatsApp messages, and other platforms, using your voice, you just have to do the following:

  1. Download and install Myfreehands from the Play Store.
  2. Start Myfreehands on your mobile and creat your account on the platform.
  3. Grant access permissions to notifications, microphone and show over other apps. You can also allow the app to access your media files, calls, and location, but this is optional.
  4. whatsapp brand and the other messaging apps you want Myfreehands to work with.
  5. Connect the Bluetooth device that you are going to use as hands-free for your mobile.
  6. Select the mode of use that suits what you need.
  7. Use Myfreehands to talk.


Now, every time you receive a new WhatsApp message while driving, Myfreehands will ask you if you want to read it. If you accept, the application will read the message aloud and then ask you if you want to reply. To answer only tell Myfreehands what you want and the virtual assistant of the platform will be in charge of taking your voice to text.

You can also choose the option of automatic reading without confirmationor the automatic response without reading, but that is a matter of what you want to do. Is myfreehands free? No, it is an application that is distributed as shareware.

What does this mean? What you can download it for free, and test its functions, but with limitations. However, if you pay for the subscription you will get unlimited access to all features. The plans offered by the platform are:

  • Free: It only allows you to reply to 4 messages a day, quite a few, to be honest. Of course, enough to see how it works and know if it is what you need.
  • Monthly: 3.56 euros with unlimited access to all functions.
  • Biannual: a single payment of 12.10 euros with unlimited access for six months.
  • Annual: a single payment of 18.15 euros with unlimited access for 12 months.

Don’t have an accident or put others at risk when driving! Are you ready to try this app?

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