How to install HarmonyOS on your PC

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Table of Contents

Finally, the first final version of HarmonyOS has been made official. Although it is only available in China for some devices, You can now try this new Huawei operating system thanks to its official emulator. And it is that, unlike the HarmonyOS that is coming to the devices right now, its emulator and the DevEco Studio tool are already available globally.

So, if you are interested in knowing what HarmonyOS is like in its first final version, come and discover with us how to install HarmonyOS on your PC.

Steps to install HarmonyOS on your PC

To use the official HarmonyOS emulator, you need a verified Huawei developer account which is the one that will allow you to use DevEco Studio (Huawei’s Android Studio). Why use DevEco Studio? Well, because the HarmonyOS emulator is virtual and can only be used through this tool.

Create a developer account on Huawei

create huawei account

To register as a developer on Huawei and verify your account, you need to do the following:

  • Create a new account on the Huawei ID registration page.

  • Log in with your account in Huawei Developer/Verification and follow the steps shown on the screen.

    • You must verify your identity as an Individual Developer.
    • They will ask you for a lot of private information about you, including a credit card and DNI, passport or driving license.
    • After you submit your data, you will have to wait for Huawei to verify it for your account to be verified.

verify identity in Huawei developers

On 1 or 2 business days, Huawei should respond to your verification request via email. If you do not receive a response after that period, we recommend contact Huawei to ask them for help.

Install DevEco Studio on your PC

deveco studio huawei

Once your Huawei developer account has been verified, it’s time to install DevEco Studio like this:

  • Download DevEco Studio puncturing this link.

    • It is available for Windows 10 and for macOS 10.14 or later.
    • Minimum requirements: 8GB of RAM and 100GB of storage.
  • Once downloaded, install the program on your PC as you would any other.
    • You can leave the default settings or adjust the installation according to your preferences.

Start emulating HarmonyOS!

harmonios emulation

Now that you have DevEco Studio running on your PC, do the following to start the HarmonyOS emulation:

  • Open DevEco Studio and create a new project.
  • click on Tools > DeviceManager.
  • They will ask you to log in with your account from Huawei (the verified one). So do it.
  • After logging in, you will see the virtual devices with HarmonyOS that you can emulate (one of them is the MatePad Pro tablet). Choose the one you prefer by tapping the blue play button.
  • Thus, it will start streaming emulation, so it is normal that you experience lag or slowness. To make it work better, we recommend lowering the streaming quality.
  • If it appears in English, you can change it to Spanish from the Harmony OS Settings.

That’s it! Huawei will let you try HarmonyOS this way for 1 hour. After that time you can continue using it, but without the changes you made before.

Of course, this emulation will really only help you to see what the interface of the operating system is like, test its basic functions and run the pre-installed appsso the time limitation will not be a problem.

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