How to avoid downloading apps from Google Play that are useless

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Google Play has more than 2.8 million applications, but many do not work well. It is possible that you have downloaded apps and had to uninstall them after a few minutes because they did not fulfill what they promised. Has it really happened to you?

With these tips you will avoid downloading apps from Google Play that are useless and you will save time. We will teach you to look for good applications and many more things, stay tuned.

What to do to avoid downloading useless Google Play apps?

Let’s go with the list of tips, stay tuned because they are very useful.

Use Google Play categories

Use the categories that Google Play offers you because they integrate an algorithm that manages to display the most downloaded apps of any category and with better reputation among users. You will find them in the top menu, and there you can choose the theme you want.

Google Play Apps

The Google Play star rating tells you if they are good

Use the star rating filter It is another of the tips that you can take advantage of. It is recommended that you only download the ones that have four stars or more. If they have more than 4 stars, they work well, although if you know the app you can download one with a lower rating.

App Rating

Pay attention to the comments you see on Google Play

In any Google Play application you will see that there is a box where users can leave comments about the app (at the bottom). It is recommended that read at least 10 commentsIt will give you a better idea of ​​how it works.

Comments in Apps

That is, if most of the comments are negative, such as: “The app stops by itself”, “It’s a scam” or similar, it is obvious that the app is not what you are looking for. On the contrary, if users ask for an update regularly, it means that the app is good but it already needs changes, so you can download it because it is good.

Seeing what they occupy is also important

Another way to know that it is an app that is useless is to see the weight it occupies on the mobile. If they are too light, they may not have many tools. It will depend on the use you are going to give it whether or not you choose to download the app. If it promises a lot of features and takes up very little space, it’s either a web app or a scam.

weight of apps

Now you know some of the Basic tips for downloading apps from Google Play tools. You will avoid downloading apps that are not useful and you will save time trying to use them. Put them into practice and get the most out of the Android app store.

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