How to avoid being told that you are the most annoying on WhatsApp

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We have all stopped making calls since using WhatsApp, but the frequency of our communications may have changed quite a bit. Are you one of those who now sends WhatsApp at all times? The app has made communication easy and fast, so much so that you may even have become a bit tired. we are going to give you 5 tips to not be a bore on WhatsApp. If you put them into practice, they will surely stop telling you.

5 tips to not be a bore on WhatsApp

Below you will see a list of 5 tips that will help you be less annoying on WhatsApp. Use them wisely and you will surely notice the difference.

Don’t use too many emoticons

don't use too many emojis

Use emoticons in your WhatsApp conversations so that they are not so linear and boring. However, do not be exaggerated or abuse them. Try to achieve that balance with practice, write with empathy and use emojis with reason. Do not go to the opposite side either and be the most edge of WhatsApp.

Avoid deleting messages

Many may not tell you, but there are people who really hate it when someone writes them a message on WhatsApp and then deletes it. It may have happened to you, it may also not bother you, the thing is that there are users of this platform who consider this a very heavy act. Try to avoid it and voila!

Do not put millions of WhatsApp states

don't put too many states

WhatsApp statuses are an excellent way for you to express yourself within this platform. However, when you abuse them you can become a nasty being. For this reason, it is never good to put millions of WhatsApp statuses under any circumstances.

Avoid sending meaningless WhatsApp chains

WhatsApp chains are a double-edged sword. Why? Because they can be very useful but they can also become a nuisance. If you are going to use them, try to do it for a good purpose.. Avoid sending the typical chains that say that if you don’t forward the message to 50 people you will die, or things like that. Also be careful when spreading things that are hoaxes, check that kind of thing before sending it.

Do not send exaggeratedly long voice notes

long voice notes

Whatever the reason, try not to send extremely long voice notes. It is preferable that you send 3 voice notes of one minute than one of three minutes. Sometimes it’s necessary, but just try to avoid doing this with people you don’t trust very much.

Will you put this into practice?

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