GrapheneOS launches its camera and PDF viewer on the Play Store

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GrapheneOS is an Android-based custom ROM that flags the security and privacy. For years it has been gaining a place in the heart of the community, but its advantages go beyond the operating system.

The team behind this ROM also develops its own apps focused on privacy, since they store very little data and sometimes they don’t even require special permissions that other similar apps do. The detail? GrapheneOS apps were only available for that custom ROM, until now…

GrapheneOS has just released its camera and PDF viewer on the Play Store. They are free, available to everyone and will make your mobile a much more private device.

Secure Camera, the app for photos and videos that leaves no trace

GrapheneOS Secure Camera APK Google Play

Camera applications are not lacking Android. There are those that the manufacturers themselves design for their mobiles (OEM cameras); the mods that the community develops for its ROMs; the GCam ports (which are some of the best); as well as a bunch of camera apps available in the Google store.

However, most of these options are closed source and have little thought for privacy. The “Secure Camera” of GrapheneOS is one of the few exceptions, because it is open source and is intended to be friendly with user data. This app has a lot of benefits, but we are going to list those that will convince you that you need this camera on your Android:

  • The app occupies only 5 MB of storage.
  • The only required permit is the camera permit.
  • Images and videos are stored using the MediaStore APIso it doesn’t require media or storage permissions.
  • The microphone permission is only needed to record videos, but you can disable it at any time.
  • Location permission will only be needed if you turn on location tagging, never before.
  • The app is set to remove all EXIF ​​metadata when you take a photo or record a video. Although you can configure it so that it does not.
  • Uses Google’s Android CameraX libraryso any feature a manufacturer introduces into their OEM cameras using this library can be used in Secure Camera.
  • It supports touch gestures typical of the GCam of the Google Pixel.
  • You can use it to scan QR codesbar and other additional standards.

As you will see, it is a very secure application that does not access or store practically any data without your consent. And as we already mentioned, it’s free.

Secure Camera

Secure PDF Viewer lets you read PDFs without saving them on your mobile and without fear of malicious code being executed

secure pdf viewer grapheneos apk google play

Alongside the camera app, the GrapheneOS team released their pdf viewer in the Google app store. “Secure PDF Viewer” also carries data privacy as a flag and the proof is in the following features:

  • Makes use of PDF.jsthe JavaScript library for displaying PDF files via HTML5-based web standards.
  • The PDF files you want to read are opened using Android’s WebView, so they run in an isolated environment that does not have access to your mobile files.
  • Does not require any permission to worknot even access to storage.
  • It is open sourceso you can refer to it, modify it to add new features, and even build your own versions.

Besides, it is a very light applicationwhich makes it ideal for low-end devices or devices with very little available storage. Where can you download it from? As we said before, from the Google Play Store.

Secure PDF Viewer

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