DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection is good, but it’s buggy

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DuckDuckGo has recently launched App Tracking Protection on Android. However, even though DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection has become quite popular, it still has some bugs.

Please note that DuckDuckGo’s anti-tracking feature is a built-in feature of the DuckDuckGo browser. What’s more, this DuckDuckGo feature prevents other apps from tracking your behavior and have access to your data. On the other hand, activating DuckDuckGo’s anti-tracking on Android is not complicated at all.

DuckDuckGo Tracking Protection Bugs

One of the best things about DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection is that it doesn’t affect the battery life of the devices too much. Also, when you use DuckDuckGo’s anti-tracking, all the apps on your mobile work normally. However, One of the problems with this DuckDuckGo feature is that you must have the DuckDuckGo browser installed..

Bug tracking protection DuckDuckGo

It is important that you consider that not all apps seek to track you and therefore DuckDuckGo’s anti-tracking does not block all of them. Now too there are some apps that DuckDuckGo chooses not to block due to “Known Issues”. Web browsers are some of the applications that usually indicate “Known Issues” in DuckDuckGo antitracking.

DuckDuckGo does not provide enough information about apps with “Known Issues” and this can be considered a bug of this feature. On the other hand, DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection only works with third-party apps, so it doesn’t block Google apps. Keep in mind that Google apps do track you and maybe that’s why it’s better to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

Anyway, despite the bugs that DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection still has, it’s still a useful feature. Please note that while DuckDuckGo’s anti-tracking only works with third-party apps, this feature quickly blocks those apps that want to track you.

Also, you should consider that DuckDuckGo antitracking is still in beta, so it is very likely that they will fix their bugs soon. Now, if you want to see the positives and negatives of DuckDuckGo’s tracking protection, you’d better download their browser and join the waiting list to use the beta version of this feature.

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