an AI that tells you if a photo is good or bad for Instagram

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Are you in need of tips or tricks to increase your reach on Instagram? You do not need to pay for advertising, because there are some totally free online tools that will allow you to discover if your images will succeed or not on Instagram.

Everypixel is one of those tools, because by making use of artificial intelligence, This website is responsible for analyzing those photos that you want to upload to your Instagram account. In case of noticing any positive pattern, the service will inform you if that image is suitable to be uploaded to the social network.

How does Everypixel work?

How Everypixel works

Fast, effective and extremely interesting, Everypixel makes use of a system called “Artificial Neural Network”, what does this mean? What uses a very complex mathematical model to simulate the natural behavior of people.

In summary, Everypixel performs a construction of a part of the reasoning that the brain carries out when it finds structures. Humans usually recognize structures instantly, and this AI is in charge of emulating that recognition to tell us if a photo is good or bad to be uploaded to Instagram.

Can anyone use this Artificial Intelligence?

Anyone can use Everypixel

At first, any user can make use of Everypixel, because the platform recognizes all kinds of images. Similarly, those photos that have the greatest impact within the platform are those that are aimed at commerce, that is, photos that aim to attract future buyers.

How to use Everypixel?

Use Everypixel to know if a photo is good or bad for Instagram is extremely simple:

How to use Everypixel

  • Enter the Everypixel website.
  • Once there, upload a photo or paste the link of the Instagram image what you want to analyze.
  • In a matter of seconds, Everypixel will show you how good or bad that photo is that you have uploaded to the platform.

The higher the percentage, the better “reception” by the public will have that photo that you have analyzed. It is worth mentioning that Everypixel has a table of percentages to know if a photo could succeed within the social network:

  • Between 80% and 99%: The photo will have a much better chance of succeeding on Instagram.
  • Between 50% and 70%: The image should have no problem making a visual impact on the social network.
  • Between 20 and 40%: Another image should be found, or the same image should be modified with some type of filter.
  • Between 0 and 10%: The image will not cause any kind of impact among Instagram users.

On the other hand, if you want your photos within the social network to be even more successful, we recommend using the size recommended by Instagram to upload photos. If you upload disproportionate photos, your followers will not pay attention to them.

Without anything else to add about it, you should take a look at these tricks to improve your photos on Instagram, they will allow you succeed within the social network without spending money on advertising.

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