8 functions that WhatsApp should copy from other apps

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To say that the most used instant messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, is somewhat reluctant to include new features, is to be correct. A few times a year they add new features that allow users to improve the way they interact with their contacts.

Faced with this situation, we have created an article here in which we mention what are the 8 functions that WhatsApp should consider including in its app for Android and iOS, functions that are not for nothing “rare”… well many of them are already on TelegramSignal, Instagram Direct and other messaging applications.

8 functions that WhatsApp should copy from other apps

Before we show you what these 8 functions are that WhatsApp should include in its mobile app, it is important to clarify that none of them would be included soonjust as we do not know if WhatsApp even plans to adopt them.

Support for multiple phone numbers (Telegram)

Two Telegram WhatsApp accounts

Those who use Telegram daily, and who also have two phone numbers on their Dual Sim mobile, will surely know how convenient it is to switch from one number to another to separate groups and work conversations from conversations with friends and family.

This in WhatsApp does not exist, the app does not offer any kind of function to change from one number to another. Of course, it should be clarified that two WhatsApp accounts can be used, but the reality is that in order to do so, it is necessary to use an external app.

Notably Telegram offers native support for multiple numbers, utility that allows any user to have up to 3 accounts in the same app. We would like to see a similar function in WhatsApp, at least something similar, since many users have 2 phone lines on the same mobile.

Notepad integrated in the application (Signal)

Notepad Signal function WhatsApp

Do you have a brilliant idea that came to you while you were talking with a friend on WhatsApp? Did you remember that you had to make the shopping list and you don’t want to leave WhatsApp because you are talking about an important topic? These questions don’t have an answer “valid” on WhatsApp, well the messaging app does not offer any kind of personal notepad to write down ideas, tasks or thoughts.

Signal is one of the few instant messaging apps that offers this featureand the reality is that it is so, so useful that not only should WhatsApp copy that idea, Telegram should also include this tool in its interface (a bot can be used in this case).

Without a doubt, it would be more than good for WhatsApp to take note and add some function similar to the one offered by Signal… something that we see as unlikely, since many users have requested this tool and WhatsApp has never tried to include it in the beta versions of the app.

Take surveys easily (Telegram)

Create survey Telegram function WhatsApp

As you have surely already seen (in the other ideas), if there is something that Telegram is characterized by, it is for offering something more than just a system for sending messages. This app added, some time ago, a function that allows users to create polls for groups and channels. But this is not all, and this function has been improving to such an extent that it now allows questionnaires with multiple answers.

This feature would be more than welcome by the WhatsApp community. Imagine that you are organizing an outing to a restaurant, what better than doing a survey to ask your friends which restaurant they would like to go to, no? Well, it will be up to WhatsApp whether or not adding this feature is relevant to them.

Blurring the faces that appear in an image (Signal)

Blur faces Signal WhatsApp

When it comes to privacy, WhatsApp doesn’t seem to care too much. A clear example of this is the image editor offered by the app. This tool does not allow you to blur a person’s face without having to choose emojis, or use the image cropping tool.

Signal is the app that WhatsApp should take into account to add a function that allows blurring the face of any person. It would be more than great if WhatsApp allows blur any face just by tapping on the screenbut… this doesn’t seem to be coming soon, at least according to the new features that WhatsApp is testing in beta versions.

React to received messages (Telegram and Instagram Direct)

React messages Instagram Direct WhatsApp

Have you ever felt the need to react to a WhatsApp message without having to reply to it? If your answer has been yes, you will surely know that this is practically impossible. Knowing that WhatsApp’s little sister, Instagram Direct, is controlled by the same company, Facebook, It’s crazy to think that this feature hasn’t been added to WhatsApp yet..

By allowing users to react to messages that arrive in a group or a conversation, WhatsApp would simplify everything. Today You can only react to a message by clicking on it and choosing the option “Reply”, something that undoubtedly needs to be changed urgently.

Send messages without sound (Telegram)

Send message without sound Telegram WhatsApp

The title of this function may sound strange, since no message has sound, unless it is clear audio. When we refer to “send messages without sound” we refer to the sound that it makes when it is sentboth in the receiver’s mobile and in the sender’s.

This function is present in Telegram and is one of the most used why? For the simple reason that sometimes a message is not as important as it seems, and bothering the other person for something so insignificant can become a bit tedious.

Sending messages without sound on Telegram not only prevents them from emitting a sound on the mobile of the person who has received them, nor will it play the notification sound when it reaches the user. We would like to see more messaging apps adopt this feature, as this could prevent many groups or private conversations from being muted.

Schedule messages from the app itself (Telegram)

Function schedule Telegram messages for WhatsApp

Considered one of the most requested features by WhatsApp users, message scheduling still seems a long way from being included to the app. Telegram, on the other hand, has added this useful function more than a year ago, and to tell the truth, it works perfectly.

While it is possible to schedule messages on WhatsApp, it is necessary to download external applications to be able to do it. The reality is that this app lacks a native function to make the message scheduling system much more accessible, and above all easy.

Add the “camera” tag below an image (Kik)

Tag camera on photos sent to Kik

False information, scams and, above all, deceit are the order of the day on WhatsApp. The messaging app should reconsider the system for sending images that it offers, because today it is impossible to know if the image that has been sent was taken with the camera of WhatsApp, or if an image has been chosen from the mobile gallery.

The function that WhatsApp could take as an example is the one that the Kik app has. The same automatically adds a tag below the submitted photoindicating to the other person if the photo was taken with the application’s camera, or if it was uploaded from the mobile’s image gallery.

Although this type of implementation can be avoided in a very simple way (by taking a photo from the mobile camera app), users who receive images will be able to know in advance if that photo was taken recently, or if another device has been used. means of capturing it.

And what do you think, is there any other function that WhatsApp should include?

We have written this list of functions at our discretion. If you think a feature is missing, or you think a feature shouldn’t be included, let us know in the comments. You are more than welcome to participate in this kind of “order” for WhatsApp to include useful and necessary functions.

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