5 services to save your files for free in the cloud

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Files are getting heavier, especially if we talk about high-quality multimedia content such as music or videos. For this reason it is quite common to run out of storage in a short time, but it is easy to solve this detail. One solution would be to buy a hard drive or microSD card, but these local storage systems are limited.

Meanwhile, the other solution is to use a cloud storage service, much more flexible when access your files from anywhere in the world. The best personal clouds are definitely the paid ones, but most have very complete free versions. Do you want to discover them? Then take a look at these 5 services to save your files for free in the cloud.

Google Drive, the best free storage service to combine with Android

google drive free storage

Is there a user in the world who does not know about Google Drive? Google’s personal cloud is without a doubt one of the best on the market in its free version. His 15GB storage It is perfect for storing your work files, university files and even some personal files that you may need at some point.

What’s more, its synchronization with Google applications is perfect and gives you access to a very complete online office suite. Apart from Google Drive, it is officially available on almost any platform, and if this is not the case, you can always access its web version with a browser.

As well allows you to make backup copies of your Android mobile or your Chromebook in a matter of seconds, so don’t leave it behind if you have one of these devices.

google drive

‎Google Drive – storage

Dropbox, a cloud that adapts to any situation

dropbox personal cloud free

Although its free storage plan reaches only 2GB capacity, Dropbox is a great ally for saving your files and working collaboratively in the cloud. Like Drive, it’s available on any platform you can think of and works especially well on Apple devices.

Going back to the collaborative theme, Dropbox has a fairly limited office suite, but it integrates very well with Google Documents, Microsoft Office and many additional suites. His integration with other online tools like Slack, Zoom and GIMP is to be highlighted, something that many other platforms have a hard time with.

Dropbox: Cloud and storage

‎Dropbox: Cloud and Storage

Mega, for users who need a lot of space without paying anything

mega cloud storage lots of free space

Of the five platforms that we mention in this article, Mega takes the cake as the service with the most free storage space to save your files. They are 50 GB that you can use as you pleasebeing able to even encrypt your files so that no one can access them without a decryption key.

As an online work platform, Mega is quite limited, but it definitely has no competition when it comes to free space. mega is the service you need if you like to share many files. It has its own applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Linux, in addition to its web version and extensions for the main browsers.



Microsoft OneDrive, the cloud for Windows lovers

onedrive best free storage service windows

Another very good cloud storage service to use without paying is OneDrive, the Microsoft alternative. This service gives you 5 GB of space on your free plan, plus computer backups with Windows.

Its integration with Microsoft Office is impeccable, so it is a perfect option to work together with this office suite. Like all of the above, OneDrive has mobile and desktop applications and a web version accessible from any browser.

Microsoft OneDrive

‎Microsoft OneDrive

Box, a storage service focused on productivity and teamwork

box free online storage collaborative work

With a proposition similar to that of Dropbox, Box is a cloud storage service focused specifically on collaborative workflow. Its free plan offers you 10GB of storage for files of up to 250 MB each, but its strength is another.

Box integrates very well with almost any platform you can think of: Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Adobe Sign, Slack, DocuSign, Greenhouse, security solutions for your files backed by Okta, Symantec or Broadcom and much, much more.

It is an incredible work tool that you should not only take into account to save files. What platforms is it on? In all: mobile phones, computers, web version for browsers, etc.


‎Box: Content Cloud

Have you already chosen the one that best suits your needs? If you know a different one that you think should be here, you can let us know in the comment box.

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