5 alternatives to Timely for Android

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Timely came to be considered the best clock app on Android and despite not having been updated for 3 years, it is still popular among some users. Apparently the time of this application has ended, because the platform has announced that it will close at the end of this month. If you already have it installed you can continue using it, but since it will not receive any more updates at some point it will no longer be compatible with your Android mobile.

For this reason, despite the fact that we already have an article with the best alarm clock apps, we have prepared this list with 5 clock apps you can stop using Timely with.

The most popular alarm app on the list, Alarmy

Alarmy the alternative to Timely on Android

This app is focused on waking up heavy sleepers. It has quite interesting customization options such as selecting whether the customization tone is ascending or uniform. You can select how you want to turn off the alarm, whether doing physical or memory exercise, taking a photo, walking or solving mathematical problems.

The most interesting thing about Alarmy is that you can see a history of your previous alarms, view news and get weather information.

Alarmy - Morning alarm clock

A clock and alarm app that, among other things, monitors your sleep, Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android the alternative to Timely

Sleep as Android has multiple features, but the one that stands out the most is its sleep monitor. While you sleep, your mobile analyzes the quality of your sleep and wakes you up at the time it deems appropriate, It also vibrates when you snore. It also allows you to set a time to go to sleep, a time to wake up and makes you complete a Captcha to prevent you from sleeping when the alarm goes off.

Sleep as Android Unlock

The alarm that will wake you up with more subtlety, Glimmer

Glimmer the alternative to Timely on Android

Glimmer is an app that turns your phone into an alarm clock. It is characterized because the smartphone screen slowly lights up minutes before the alarm goes off and the tone also starts soft. This way you don’t wake up abruptly, but if this subtlety doesn’t work, the app increases its volume to wake you up.

Glimmer (luminous alarm clock)

Timely is characterized by its design, however in Early Bird Clock you have more customization

Early Bird Clock the alternative to Timely

Early Bird Clock is the most customizable clock app on this list. In her You not only have the possibility to change the theme, but also to see the previous alarms and use the stopwatch. In addition, to deactivate the alarm clock you can select between doing mathematical exercises, reading a QR code or writing some text.

Early Bird Alarm Clock

The clock app with the simplest design, Mornify

Mornify the alternative to Timely on Android

This app has a very simple and intuitive interface which has multiple ringtones that you can search through based on genre or artist. Mornify is not an application with many functions, but it does have the most basic of a clock.

Mornify - Wake up to your music

Each of these apps has its charm, but they are still a good option to stop using Timely. If you don’t wake up with any alarm app, you need to know this new alarm clock that charges you if you don’t get up, surely if you manage to wake up.

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