Xiaomi presents a selfie stick with integrated Zoom

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Xiaomi is a brand known for its mobile phones with good value for money. However, perhaps you did not know that the Chinese brand has some accessories in its catalog such as selfie sticks, and now it has released a new one that includes the Zoom control. On this occasion Xiaomi has presented the new Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick, ¿you want to know how it works? We explain it to you.

Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick: Xiaomi’s new selfie stick

This accessory of the Chinese brand will begin to be sold this same month of March in Xiaomi stores in China. The selfie stick will cost about €15 (approximately 100 yuan). This new selfie stick will allow you to zoom in and out of your mobile camera when you go to take a picture.

The Zoom is controlled with a button built into the small control that comes with the accessory. Besides, you can also switch between rear and front camera from your phone by pressing another button on that same controller.

To take the photo you just have to press the button, although if you press it twice in a row with the camera open, you will switch to video. It also has a function to access the camera with the mobile screen off by double clicking the shoot button to take the photo.

You can use the Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick as a tripod

Xiaomi tripod selfie stick

This selfie stick, like some others from the firm, also gives you the possibility of using it as a tripod thanks to the fact that it has 3 folding legs. As the controller is detachable (it is usually attached to the body of the selfie stick) you can take the control when you are using it in tripod mode to control your camera without having to touch the mobile.

The way in which the accessory is connected to your mobile is through Bluetoothso this selfie stick can be used on almost any mobile.

Tell us,What do you think of this Xiaomi Zoom selfie stick? Did you know that the brand had products of this style?

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