The best QuickCharge 3.0 compatible charger and cable to buy on Amazon

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Surely you have ever needed a new charger or a new cable since the original one has been damaged. When buying a new one we have to take several things into account, especially if our mobile has a fast charge. In this article we show you a charger and a cable compatible with QuickCharge 3.0 that I bought myself.

QC 3.0 compatible charger and cable? Here a good couple, nice and cheap

The truth is that I was surprised how difficult this search is with how simple it seems. When looking for a new charger or cable, thousands of options appear. I went through it and after comparing a lot of chargers and cables, I found a very good couple that fulfills what it promises.

amazon quickcharge 3 cable charger

It may not be the cheapest alternative, but you will have a cable that will last you years and a charger with two ports. The latter you do not know what it is until you have it, it is really comfortable. The buying platform is amazon, does not require any presentation, simply the best. If we turn to China we can obtain better prices but doubtful qualities. However, even with the new Xiaomi 60W fast charger it will not happen.

The charger itself is from the brand RAV Power, a manufacturer that has many such products. In addition, for 14 euros few two-port options (only one of them is fast charging) we have. The cable is signed by the hand of ugreen and It has a gold plated tip. It also has the cable come braided and with an aluminum body.

We have to take into account that Not all cables or chargers support QC 3.0, must withstand adequate stresses. Here are some more examples of QuickCharge 3.0 chargers, although they are somewhat more expensive. Also note that the ones that are QuickCharge 2.0 are not valid, they are easily confused.

The price of the entire set is about 20 euros, not bad if we take into account that it is compatible with fast charging. Obviously, it also charges any type of device. I have been using this “couple” for approximately 2 months and they have not failed at any time. The fast charge works, very good materials and they have barely worn… What more can you ask for in a charger?

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