Keep your Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra safe with these cases

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Samsung’s new flagship phones have a very extravagant and beautiful design. Although only the back of the S21 Ultra is glass, all of them can be scratched or damaged with daily use. We are sure that you do not want that to happen to you if you have any of these mobiles.

In view of that, it is essential to keep the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra protected from drops and bumps. It is for this reason that we recommend the best protective cases for the new Samsung flagships.

The best cases for the Galaxy S21

We have collected for you some great cases for the Galaxy S21: the little brother of the Samsung “S” family. We show them below, you take a look at them, and if you are interested, we leave you a direct purchase button for Amazon.

Spigen case with good protection for your Galaxy S21

Rugged Armor S21 Case

This protective case from Spigen will keep your S21 well protected from any fall or blow. your materials, TPU and carbon fiber, they will make sure that nothing happens to your device when you drop it. In addition, its matte black finish will make your mobile look subtle but beautiful for less than 10 euros.

ESR clear case with metal stand

Transparent cover ESR S21

If you bought your S21 in some flashy color and you want to show everywhere the elegant design of your mobileyou will like this cover of 14 euros.

The back part, being transparent, allows you to see the mobile and its colors. In addition, it has a metallic support bidirectional that is perfect for you to place the mobile on any table and watch your favorite series. Although if you are more classic, this case is available in black with the same design.

Drop protection and swivel ring with this case from QHOHQ

QHOHQ S21 case

QHOHQ anti-drop case with reinforced corners and rotating ring will take care of your S21 from any bumps and scratches. In addition, it has the raised edges on the camera module and the screen to avoid any scratches in those delicate areas.

This case comes with two screen protectors for your mobile, so if you decide on this combo, protection will be guaranteed for only 7 euros.

The best cases for your Galaxy S21 Plus

Protecting a mobile as beautiful as the Galaxy S21 Plus is essential. It is very hard to see these phones with a broken back or a shattered screen. Do not have the phone in those conditions and keep it protected with a good cover.

Personalize your S21 Plus with this pack of 9 IvenCase covers

IvenCase S21 Plus Cases

The IvenCase combo brings 9 cases of different colors (pink, green, purple, light pink, yellow, red, dark blue, transparent, black) so that customize the Galaxy S21 Plus to your liking.

It is a simple pack of unicolor silicone covers, but the interesting thing is that being 9, you can put a different one on your mobile every day for just 10 euros.

Protect your S21 Plus with this JoiCase magnetic case

JoiCase S21 Plus Magnetic Case

This JoiCase case comes in two pieces that are joined by magnets. One piece protects the back of your phone, and the other takes care of the screen, while showing off the design of your device.

The good thing is that since the device is covered, if it falls, nothing will happen to it. In addition, the edges of the case come in an attractive dark blue, although it is also available in black, gold and purple. and it only costs 16 euros.

Carry your wallet and your phone as one with this case from TANYO

S21 Plus Wallet Case TANYO

If you want to carry light weight, the TANYO cover is ideal for you. You can take your mobile and whatever you have in your wallet in the same place with this black diary case that will keep your S21 Plus looking stylish. You can also watch series and movies comfortably with the folding system of the cover. Its price is only €10.

In case you are interested, for this cover there are variants at the same price in red, blue and brown with the same design and use.

The best cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra

If you have an S21 Ultra and want a good case to protect it, we show you the most interesting ones you can buy on Amazon.

Make your S21 Ultra eye-catching with this nebula case

Nebula S21 Ultra Case

The case has a very striking design, since the name is printed on the back. starry sky with very nice colors. It has raised edges and the camera module to protect the phone from drops and scratches.

This cute Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case can be yours for just 15 euros.

Ringke case for the S21 Ultra

Ringke S21 Ultra case

The nautical blue color of the case will make your mobile look very elegant while being safe against drops and bumps thanks to this Ringke case. Reinforced corners and raised edges will keep your screen and camera safe, so only 15 euros. You can also buy this case in black and gray for the same price.

Screen protector and rotating ring for the S21 Ultra

ALAMO S21 Ultra case

The ALAMO anti-shock case with rotating ring and tempered glass is a good combo to keep the screen and the body of your mobile protected at all times by 16 euros.

With the rotating ring on the back you can comfortably take selfies with the excellent camera of the S21 Ultra and also use it to support the mobile on a table and watch your favorite series. You can find this cover at blue, black and red color so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

These cases guarantee you good protection for any Samsung Galaxy S21. Which of these cases did you like the most? Will you buy one to protect your phone?

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