Expand your NVIDIA Shield TV, microSD cards you should use

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Table of Contents

if you have one NVIDIA ShieldTV you may need more space to save the media you want to use. We show you several microSD cards that offer excellent compatibility and that due to their good quality will not have any problem even with higher resolution videos.

This is one of the ways in which the use of the player we are talking about can be improved, and that it has an excellent behavior both to enjoy games and to watch movies and series. And, thanks to simplicity of use that microSD cards have, it will not cost you anything to use them in NVIDIA Shield TV to increase the space in which to store all kinds of content.

Contents for NVIDIA Shield TV

Recommended microSD cards for NVIDIA Shield TV

This is the list in which you can find models with different storage capacities and, therefore, that have prices that are different and that fit your pocket. By the way, we also leave you the purchase link on Amazon so you can get the model that best suits your needs.


Samsung Card for NVIDIA Shield TV

It is the option offered more storage space of all, and with it it is possible to save a large number of videos and images without the slightest problem. With a working speed of up to 120 MB/s, managing all the saved data is very effective. In addition, it does not lack a useful SD card adapter. A great purchase choice if you are very demanding.

SanDisk Ultra 256GB

Sandisk Card for NVIDIA Shield TV

Another option that fits like a glove with the NVIDIA Shield TV, since the transfer rates of around 100 MB/s ensure a good user experience with videos that reach 4K resolution. It is even one of the options that allows the use of applications inside, since it is certified this microSD card with the A1 standard. An option that is ideal.

Transcend USD300S 128GB

Transcend MicroSD for NVIDIA Shield TV

This card is not out of place in any section, since it has a large number of certifications such as Video Speed ​​Class 30, which ensures excellent behavior with multimedia content. Its average transfer rate reaches 95 MB/s, life insurance, and its resistance is high, since it supports X-rays (which allows you not to suffer any damage at airports). This model has no cracks.

Are these the microSD cards you need?

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