Comparison of heart rate sensors: Amazfit Pace vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Today the world of wearables is very fashionable. Xiaomi is one of the brands that has bet the strongest on this world and the move has gone really well. Since the Mi Band 1 they have been releasing improved versions that they are really worth it and its price accompanies. Today we compare the heart rate sensors of the Amazfit Pace and the Mi Band 2… It will be the same? Is it better than the Amazfit Pace?

To tell the truth, they are about two very different ranges. One is part of the high-end smartwatches and the other in the most basic and cheap range. However, it was precisely this fact that caught my attention. We will see if the price difference is palpable in the heart rate sensor.

Comparison of sensors between the Amazfit Pace and the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

First of all you must that this test I have done it in the most objective way possible. In any case, I also have to say that I don’t have a chest strap. This method is the most effective when it comes to measuring your heart rate, although this type of bracelet is usually not far from reality.


In total I have obtained four results. The first two tests correspond to the photos above. As you can see, I was surprised by the accuracy of both watches. I was at rest without doing any physical activity, so it can be said that both models are quite exact to each other.

Later, I have fast walked a few steps to see the result. You can see the image just after this paragraph and here the Amazfit Pace takes the cake. While the Mi Band 2 has been left with a less accurate measurement -I felt my heart beating faster- the Amazfit has been closer to my feeling at that time.

comparative heart rate sensors amazfit pace vs xiaomi band 2

In conclusion, it can be said that although the Amazfit is somewhat more precise the Mi Band defends itself really well. Moreover, if we take into account the price of one and the other, it is something totally understandable and normal from our point of view.

Measurement speed

In this aspect, the Mi Band 2 has surprised me. If it finds your pulse, it does it well before the Pace and it is quite interesting to say the least. Of course, the latter fails much more than his older brother. As a general rule, the most expensive model hits the first and I think I haven’t seen a failed measurement yet. The Mi Band 2 cannot boast of the latter, this is where a quite remarkable price difference is seen.

On the other hand, when our skin is somewhat wet or sweaty the Pace if it is capable of measuring our pulse in a correct way. The bracelet fails many times and becomes useless in such situations. It is something that should be improved for the next Mi Band 3, which you can take a look at some of its features from this link.


We can say that taking into account the price of both the Mi Band 2 is worth it for its price and the Amazfit Pace for its way of measuring and collecting all the data. It all depends on your needs. There is also an intermediate model that is going very strong. In this article you can see a small comparison between the Amazfit BIP and the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

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