Car Wifi 4G, Orange’s commitment to a car with Internet

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Companies know that many people need extreme mobility and many companies try to make their tasks easier by including new devices in their lives. In this case we are talking about Orange and its new device, the Car Wi-Fi 4G. Orange wants your car to become a portable router and, in this way, you can enjoy a WiFi point wherever you go and with access to a 4G network.

Now, despite the fact that the idea is quite good and the device will surely work as it is said, the rates are still not adapted to this mobility and the data usage limits are quite low if we intend to work with a computer. If it is true that 1GB can give you to carry out tasks that do not need a lot of data, but in the event that you choose to download an application, watch a video or share a lot of content on social networks, these data are very short and it is impossible to be a demanding user with a limit that in the best of cases can reach 5 GB.

Car Wi-Fi 4G by Orange

The Car Wifi 4G connects to your car’s cigarette lighter and can offer WiFi up to 10 devices. In addition to this, it incorporates a USB 2.0 port so that you can charge your mobile or whatever you want on it, thus giving up the device’s own charger and without having to have an adapter to have several cigarette lighter sockets. Huawei has been in charge of manufacturing this device and with its application Huawei Hi-Link You can control data consumption.

Car Wi-Fi 4G prices

  • 49 euros if you choose to hire a 1 GB rate.
  • 4 euros per month if you use a Smart SIM (which will cost you 1 euro per month) to share the data of your main rate.
  • Free if you opt for a Whale rate (3 GB) and pay the euro that the Smart Sim costs.

These three options are with a permanence contract, if you want the device without any type of contract you can make a single payment of 89 euros and you can even buy it completely free, without an Orange fee, for €99. The device wants to offer extreme mobility but we have realized that its price is too much high when we can share our connection without any problem from most current Android smartphones. If you want more information you can consult the Orange website.

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